Top Jaguars Brass in Attendance

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the teams that took advantage of their close proximity to Orlando as they had some of their main decision makers in attendance at Tuesday's practice. Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio was nice enough to give us a few minutes of his time following the East practice this morning in Orlando (including an answer to the Tebow question).

Jaguars head honcho Gene Smith along with head coach Jack Del Rio and a legion of scouts took in the action. JagNation caught up with Jack Del Rio following practice and asked him about his recent job situation, a certain local folk hero, as well as what he saw at practice.

The Jacksonville head coach spoke about what this venue means for the aspiring athletes.

"This is a good opportunity for these young men to put their best foot forward and make an impression. You never know where it might lead."

The Jags head coach was a little coy when asked which players may have caught his eye.

"Day one, first practice, it's a little early for that."

To be perfectly honest, we wouldn't expect any response other than that. It doesn't make sense to potentially tip your hand especially this early in the draft game.

Del Rio was asked directly about a certain record-setting University of Florida quarterback and his response was very guarded and practical.

"He's a fine young man, and he accomplished a lot there at Florida," Del Rio said of Tim Tebow. "The draft process is one where teams will examine, very carefully, very thoroughly, all that he brings to the NFL on the next level. He'll get selected accordingly. I wish him the very best, he's a fine young man and good things usually happen to good people like that. We'll see how it all plays out."

We asked the Jaguars head coach about his ties to the University of Southern California job opening and here's what he had to say—

"Certainly that was flattering to be considered as somebody that would be a viable candidate for them but I've got a great job in Jacksonville, I love what I'm doing there. Gene Smith and myself put together a plan last year and we executed that plan. We had a solid year that we can build on. We've really begun building a core of young players that we can build around."

When we asked the Jaguars head coach about this season overall, he mentioned the good with the bad.

"I think what that is, is a testament to the hard work and effort that we all put in," Del Rio told JagNation. "For the season, the players and coaches wanted to define what we were going to be. A lot of people said ‘no way, they're not going to have a chance.' We thought collectively that if we did all the little things right and if we weren't penalized too much and we took care of the football and we were tough and aggressive, we'd have a chance to win a few games and surprise some people and I think we did.

Obviously, the end of the season wasn't what anyone in the organization was looking for.

"We put ourselves in position, but it didn't quite end the way we wanted to so we take that into the offseason and we look forward to get those things resolved."

Some of those things that perhaps need some resolving are the work ethic of some team leaders. Wayne Weaver mentioned in his end of the year address this he was unsatisfied with some of the key players, and Del Rio re-iterated that.

"We're looking to change the culture in our locker room," the Jaguars head coach said.

The first step in changing the culture of the Jaguars locker room will be adding more good-natured, hard working, talented players. The Jaguars appear to be trying to do just that.

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