Senior Bowl Q&A: FSU S Myron Rolle

Find out more about this intellectual safety that the Jaguars have been talking to.

Safety Myron Rolle is one of the more fascinating studies at the Senior Bowl. He embodies the place where academics meet athletics after finishing his degree at Florida State early and taking a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University in England. While he prepares a 10,000-word thesis (interesting subject matter) he is trying to prove he still has a love for football and NFL talent.

Q: How much were you able to keep up with the game at Florida State and otherwise when you were at Oxford?

I kept up with Florida State every game, even if I had to stay up until 3 a.m. in England's time. I watched it on the computer. Sometimes the games hurt. I was disappointed to see some of the things we did on the field this year, especially with Mick Andrews leaving. That was a sour moment for me as well. And of course (Bobby) Bowden, that was difficult for me to digest. I definitely tried to stay abreast of what was going on at Florida State and what was happening in American Football when I was in Oxford.

Q: What did you study over there?

Medical anthropology.

Q: Did you actually finish a degree program when you were over there?

No, I still have a 10,000-word thesis to write. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do it on. I think I'm going to do it on Native Americans and thrifty genotypes. And then I have exams in June that I have to sit for.

Q: What is a thrifty genotype?

Well, some anthropologists and historians feel that Native Americans especially have come from a culture of hunters and gatherers. When they went through seasons of famine, they would develop sort of a pouch of food storage in their bodies, which would allow them to survive. But now, since there is more food available and they have more access to food, this may be the basis for obesity and diabetes in the Native American populations. These are some things that I would like to look at. I think it's very interesting. I got to study it a little bit at Oxford and I think I can write 10,000 words on that.

Q: What do the teams that you've met with want to see out of you?

They're looking for a commitment to football. All of them have asked if football is really something I want to do. That's pretty much the primary question that I've received. My response is that I love football. I've been playing it since I was six. It's a part of who I am. It's not out of my system and I want to be a great player. That's my individual goal, to be a Pro Bowl player to help a team win the Super Bowl. To be a great locker room guy as well. The NFL, that shield, is something I've aspired for, for a long time, and this is why we work so hard in the offseason and at Florida State to reach that level, and now the opportunity is close and I'm just very anxious and eager to prove my worth.

Q: How about when it comes to your physical skills. Anything that you are looking to prove to raise your draft stock?

Personally, I'd like to show that I could be a versatile safety, one that can cover man to man, can cover deep. Sometimes my responsibilities at Florida State just limited me to one certain coverage or one certain responsibility. But here at the Senior Bowl we have an opportunity to cover deep thirds. We have an opportunity to come down into the box and play in run support as well as play in the curl flat and Cover-3. I'm having the opportunity to show a breadth of my skills and I think that's beneficial and I thank the Dolphins coaches for allowing us to do that.

Q: Who have you met with so far?

I met with the Packers, the Jaguars, the Ravens, Steelers, the Chiefs, 49ers.

Q: How much do they ask about Oxford?

They ask a lot. They want to know the schedule especially, because after the draft a lot of teams have those mandatory rookie camps. They want to know if I'm going to be back at Oxford or if I'm going to be in the States. They do ask a little bit about it.

Q: Do they hit at rugby practice?

(Laughs) They do. Mostly it's the bigger guys. They go down and they hit, and the backs, we just do formations, passing drills and things of that nature.

Q: So you've never had some 6-foot-5, 250-pound guy clothesline you?

No. I played wing, so I was always running away from everybody.

Q: Did you ever have to get in a scrum?

No, I didn't. Definitely not.

Q: Who has impressed you that you've gone against here in practice?

I like the tight end from USC, Anthony McCoy. I think he's very quick and agile for someone that big and he's got a great frame. He's a great pass-catching tight end. I'm not sure how he blocks yet. … He's been someone that I've been impressed with.

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