Bernstein Blog- Tuesday

Today will be my first full day in Mobile and I'm going to keep everyone updated with the haps of my day.

5:43 a.m.- Wake up, realize that it's too early to be up so then I return to bed.

7:30 a.m- Wake up for real. After some computer work I quickly find that my super high tech recorder was on the wrong setting and my audio from the previous evening has been rendered useless. Time to do some computer work.

9:15 a.m.- I arrive at North team practice. I attempt to convince's Chris Steuber that the Jacksonville Jaguars will not be selecting Florida quarterback Tim Tebow with their first-round pick. I think it's working.

9:45 a.m.- North quarterbacks don't look great, but wide receiver Mardy Gilyard does. He can get separation and he can catch the football. Jacob Ford from Clemson also looks natural catching the forward pass.

10:15 a.m.- Jaguars GM Gene Smith enters the field. He's charting the throws of the quarterbacks. Interesting.

10:55 a.m.- Practice is about over. Boise State corner Kyle Wilson is excellent, but LeGarrette Blount really blew most scouts away. He's faster than originally believed and he's a monster in pass protection.

"I think we saw a big difference in practice today as opposed to yesterday as players got a little bit more comfortable with what we expected from them and how we run practice," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. "Also, things slowed down a little bit more for them. We're expecting them to make another jump tomorrow. As we get to Saturday, we'll iron out more of the wrinkles that we saw in (Monday's) practice."

11:15 a.m.- Talked with Jack Del Rio, he was friendly but didn't give me much tangible information.

11:20 a.m.- Done with interviews, I talked to Dan LeFevour, Mardy Gilyard and Sean Weatherspoon. All seem like good kids and Gilyard and Weatherspoon were terrific today. There are questions about LeFevour's arm, although he was accurate on the underneath stuff. He could be a starting QB in the league.

11:40 a.m.- Lunch at Panera, and I can't get away from personnel. The Seahawks scouts were there, and they were also at the sports bar I was at last night. Am I stalking them or are they stalking me?

1:15 p.m.- Leave to go back to Ladd-Peebles Stadium. South practice is packed with fans which you would expect from the team that hosts several of the national champion Crimson Tide. Some Florida QB is also here, not sure of his name.

1:50 p.m.- Practice begins and Tim Tebow's every move is scrutinized. His terrible delivery is the one thing that stands out.

2:15 p.m.- The South team quarterbacks are so bad that it's making the defense look great and everyone on offense look bad. It's official folks, Tebow can't get it done at this level.

2:45 p.m.- Some players that are standing out are Eric Norwood, Ben Tate, C.J. Wilson, J.D. Walton and Riley Cooper.

3:15 p.m.- Practice is over and when I try to grab Tim Tebow for an interview, he's mobbed by his "handlers." Apparently Tim is too sick to do interviews today and that's affecting his play. I remember the last time I had the sniffles I couldn't take snaps from center for a week.

3:20 p.m.- On to greater things, I interviewed Ben Tate, Stafon Johnson, Brandon Lang and Nate Allen. Johnson is a guy that you really want to root for.

4:00 p.m.- Back at the hotel and doing my radio show.

5:30 p.m.- Press conference time. Talked to Jim Schwartz and Tony Sparano, along with LeGarrette Blount, Dexter McCluster, Brandon Graham and Geno Atkins. Atkins has had a formal interview with the Jags, as has Blount. Blount really seems to have his head on straight and I really don't think everyone should pile on him for what he did. I'm not just saying that because he did a radio promo for me.

"Practice was a little bit better today, certainly compared to yesterday. I thought we had a good day out there and got better in certain areas. Guys are excited about it and that's all we can ask right now. They are doing a nice job with the installation [of the game plan] and have gotten better each day," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said.

6:55 p.m.- Time for dinner with SD Bolt Report's Michael Lombardo and his photographer. We head upstairs to the team hotel for food, then realize that each of us would have to take out third mortgages to eat. Instead of leaving and looking completely "douchey," we ordered an ahi tuna appetizer and decided to head to the Holiday Inn for some more economical dinner.

8:30 p.m.- Eating dinner and talking football. Turns out Lombardo owns two cats and now I have no respect for the guy. I did learn that he only hires female employees with the hopes of sexual intercourse in the workplace. He earned a couple man points back.

10:30 p.m.- After some schmoozing, we all decide to part ways. I'm headed back to my hotel to finish my this blog entry then retire for the evening. See you tomorrow.

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