Jaguars Top Five

The Jacksonville Jaguars are due to pick either 10th or 11th in April's NFL Draft, pending a coin toss with the Denver Broncos (by way of the Chicago Bears). So who will they select if they stay at that position? We will break down this week's top five and give the likelihood of those particular prospects being available.

1. Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame- Clausen would allow the team to move on from the disappointing David Garrard era and help energize the fan base as he can be a legitimate franchise quarterback.

Odds of Clausen being available? 10% - With potentially St. Louis, Washington, Seattle, Cleveland and Buffalo all potentially needing signal callers in this draft and with Clausen and Sam Bradford being the only two players at the position worthy of a first-round pick, it is a long-shot that the former Irish star will fall to the Jags.

2. Joe Haden, CB Florida- Although the Jaguars have a decent situation at the cornerback position, Haden is an elite talent who's presence could potentially move Rashean Mathis back to safety.

Odds of Haden being available? 30%- Haden is slated by many to go in the top seven or eight picks, and many have linked him to Cleveland at the seventh selection. If he makes it past Cleveland, there is a very good chance that he could fall to the Jaguars, or they would even consider trading up a few spots to get him.

3. Rolando McClain, LB Alabama- McClain is a playmaker at the linebacker position and is more of a natural talent than last season's defensive rookie of the year Brian Cushing. McClain would be a day one starter and a fixture either playing inside or outside.

Odds of McClain being available? 75%- If McClain can make it past Buffalo, it is a near lock that he'll be available when the Jaguars pick.

4. Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State- Bryant has been compared by some to Houston wideout Andre Johnson and he would immediately be the Jaguars most talented receiver. That said, the Jaguars have been burned by selecting receivers early in the draft and they may be gun-shy about Bryant.

Odds of Bryant being available? 95%- Bryant was suspended by the NCAA for allegedly lying to them about his relationship with Deion Sanders. This will likely raise some character concerns and he's likely to go somewhere between the 10th and 15th selections.

5. Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech- Morgan has shown a great ability to get to the quarterback and the Jaguars finished dead last in the NFL in sacks in 2009. Morgan could be an every downs defensive end to play opposite Derrick Harvey.

Odds of Morgan being available? 99%- Some questions popped up about Morgan's ability as he was shut down by Iowa's mammoth offensive tackles in the Orange Bowl. It's almost a lock that Morgan doesn't get selected before the Jaguars pick.

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