5 Ways the Jaguars Can Return to the Playoffs

The Jaguars finished the 2009 season with a resounding thud as they dropped their final four games. This losing streak had many fans down on the team entering the offseason. JagNation believes the Jaguars aren't all that far away from being a contender and we will list five moves that will help in returning the Jaguars to the postseason next year.

Move #1- Swap first-round draft picks with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Donovan McNabb. Then try to trade or eventually release quarterback David Garrard.

The market for Donovan McNabb isn't all that great right now with all of the obvious suitors coming from the NFC (Arizona, Minnesota and Carolina). The last thing the Eagles want is to potentially be bounced from the playoffs by their old franchise quarterback so they would likely take less value if they can move McNabb to the AFC. McNabb is coming off a 3,500+ yard passing season while missing a couple games and he registered the third-highest passer rating season of his career (92.9). The Jaguars would now have the best quarterback in the franchise's history and a guy who isn't going to fold down the stretch. Jacksonville would give McNabb a contract extension to move some of his money around a bit while they groom his replacement in the draft. It's likely that David Garrard wouldn't restructure his deal for his new team which will probably make it impossible to trade him.

Move #2- Sign defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch in free agency

Vanden Bosch will immediately help the anemic Jaguars pass rush become significant and he'll be motivated a minimum of twice per year when he faces the Tennessee Titans. KVB is familiar with all the offensive tackles in the AFC South and he should be able to adjust to the Jaguars system quicker than most new players. KVB should come at a somewhat discounted rate being that he struggled last season while playing hurt.

Move #3- With the 24th pick in the 2010 draft, the Jaguars select OLB Sean Weatherspoon from the University of Missouri

Weatherspoon is the definition of a big play linebacker who can start from day one. Weatherspoon's presence will immediately make the defense better and he could have an impact similar to what Brian Cushing did for the Texans last year.

Move #4- With their third-round pick in the 2010 draft, the Jaguars select Nebraska safety Larry Asante

Asante is a sure-tackling, physical safety who will likely be a day-one starter for the Jaguars. Asante's presence may even be enough to motivate Reggie Nelson into reaching some of his potential and not only earning a roster spot, but being an asset to the defense.

Move #5- With their fourth-round pick in the 2010 draft, the Jaguars select Ole Miss wide receiver Shay Hodge

Hodge is a physical, NFL ready wide receiver who runs great routes. Hodge has excellent hands and has a body type similar to that of Mike Sims-Walker. He may not possess the explosiveness that will get him many 60-yard touchdown catches, but the former Rebel can be an elite possession receiver.

With these five moves, in addition to filling out the rest of the draft, the Jaguars can return to the playoffs as a wild-card team. The beauty of these moves is that it gives the team a legitimate quarterback while dumping a bad contract, and moving back in the first round of the draft will save the team approximately $14 million. The Jaguars will pick up a pair of very motivated free agents, while their first three draft picks can be immediate contributors and Weatherspoon and Asante will be opening day starters.

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