Bernstein Blog - Trip to the Combine (Weds)

In this edition of the Bernstein Blog, I will document all the important and not so important occurrences of my trip to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine.

3:13 a.m.- It's entirely too early to be awake. I must figure out what life is all about at this hour and collect myself and drive to Orlando to catch the plane.

5:08 a.m.- I've made it to the Parking Spot (free plug), and I'm driving in circles looking for "said parking spot." I finally find one, but have to wait for the three people behind me who are apparently unable to collect their belongings in a timely manner. My flight takes off at 6 and this really isn't looking all that promising. Perhaps I should have opted for the on-site airport parking?

5:25 a.m.- I arrive at the airport but they can't check my bag because it's too late. After getting stopped at security (because I had face cream in my carry-on which wasn't supposed to be a carry-on), I make it to the gate just in time.

6:10 a.m.- I'm seated in an exit row. We call this poor people first class.

6:20 a.m.- Captain makes the use of portable electronic devices active. Much to my pleasure I find that this particular aircraft is internet accessible. I then wonder to myself what the mid-western family on vacation sitting across from me (who have been staring at me for whatever reason) would think if I just began to visit porn sites with the audio on? Good thing I don't know of any.

6:55 a.m.- Working on some stories for the sites, as well as doing some internet gambling. I just love UAB giving 4.5 at UCF tonight. I've had a streak of betting locks and I don't want it to end tonight.

7:15 a.m.- Doing show research to put out the best possible product from 5 p.m- 7 p.m. on ESPN 1420. (Shameless promotion)

7:51 a.m.- Nearing my first stop in Cincinnati. There's snow everywhere. This is going to suck.

8:10 a.m.- I'm hungry so I hit up the Chik-Fil-A. Although I've had them before, the chicken minis really are mini. After popping three of them in my mouth in succession, I wait for my flight at the gate.

8:25 a.m.- None other than UMass offensive tackle Vladimir Ducasse walks up and we begin chit-chatting. He's met with the Jaguars and most other teams in the NFL. This is a big weekend for him, as his Senior Bowl performance was a bit uneven.

8:55 a.m.- The gate attendant gives me a pink tag for my carry-on, signifying that it will be a really small plane. The tag says that my bag should go to Tulsa. I try to explain that I'm getting off at Indianapolis and the woman says it won't make a difference. How do I know this is going to bite me in the ass in about an hour and a half?

9:15 a.m.- There is only one flight attendant on this aircraft and his name is Sam. He stands roughly 5'6" tall and weighs approximately 350 lbs. Sam is ultra-flamboyant and is wearing the Samuel L. Jackson Kangol hat backwards. Pure awesomeness.

9:20 a.m.- The guy next to me looks like someone from Jersey Shore's father. He is rocking some Mr. T gold (80's reference) and hasn't unfolded his arms from the time I sat down.

10:02 a.m.- Landed in Indy. This could be the most depressing place I've been to since….West Virginia? Cold, dreary, covered in snow. Gives me a true appreciation for Florida.

10:20 a.m.- Cab driver speaks little English.

10:45 a.m.- Check in to the Embassy Suites. Nice place, they put me on the 13th floor. I'm starving so I'm about to try and find a place for an early lunch.

1:15 p.m.- I've eaten and now I'm headed to my boss' rented house in Indy. This will now be referred to as the frat house.

1:25 p.m.- Non-english speaking taxi driver can't find the house.

1:28 p.m.- I take matters into my own hands and use the GPS on my cell to direct us to said address.

1:29 p.m.- Nobody here. So it's snowing, I'm freezing and I'm in a lonely part of town.

1:40 p.m.- I call the boss and he's at a bar a few blocks down. All is good.

4:35 p.m.- Arrive back at the hotel and get ready for CB Sports Radio (more shameless plugs).

7:30 p.m.- Talked to everyone and I'm headed back to the frat house, starving once again. It's nice to reunite with my old friends Doug Farrar (, Tim Yotter (, Ed Thompson and John Crist ( I also got to put a face to the names Amberly Dressler ( and Eric Hartz (

9:00 p.m.- We've begun drinking and talking about football. NFL guru's Adam Caplan and Alex Marvez show up. One of the Cleveland writers is here so at least he covers a worse team than I. (Oh wait, Cleveland beat Jacksonville).

10:15 p.m.- Just got food, I move the conversation to baseball.

11:50 p.m.- Back to the hotel and I've been up for roughly 21 hours. Time to go to bed and get ready to cover the combine tomorrow. See ya then.

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