Bernstein Blog - Trip to the Combine (Fri)

Charlie Bernstein will take you through his experiences as we take a lighter look at the ultra-serious world of the NFL Scouting Combine.

7:33 a.m.- Wake up, go through the morning motions and head downstairs for breakfast. Today I decided to opt for the cab to "the Luke" instead of hiking. $6 was a small price to pay to keep from freezing.

8:40 a.m.- Upon my arrival, I check the big board to see which coaches and front office members are going to be available and at what times. I notice that Tom Coughlin is scheduled for 12:15. Does that mean he is going to show up at 12:05? If he doesn't, will he fine himself?

9:35 a.m.-Still pretty quiet here at the combine.

10:05 a.m.-Lovie Smith is the first coach up at the combine, let's see what he has to say.

10:08 a.m.- This from the no- S#&% department: Lovie Smith said the Bears had too many turnovers last season and not enough takeaways. News at 11.

10:12 a.m.-Lovie said that Mike Tice is one of the best O-line coaches in the game.

10:13 a.m.-This also from the no-s@*& department: The Bears must improve at both safety positions. Since they had just one interception and gave up countless big plays I must whole-heartedly agree.

10:35 a.m.-Packers general manager Ted Thompson claims that each position in this year's draft is good. Thanks Ted.

10:40 a.m.-Thompson does offer up the nugget that the Packers are indeed working on a contract extension with two-time Pro Bowl safety Nick Collins.

11:00 a.m.-Mike Shanahan claims that he was very interested in the Buffalo Bills job, but his family wouldn't sign off. "If I took the job, I would be the only one going."

11:02 a.m.-Shanahan claims that no decision has been made on anything involving the Redskins, especially the quarterback position.

11:21 a.m.-I have my giant headphones on and I ask the person sitting across from me if he's "seen my baseball?" Some people thought it was hilarious, some were just disgusted.

11:28 a.m.-Brad Childress just busted out in song. I'm not making it up.

11:47 a.m.-Just finished up with Falcons coach Mike Smith. He was the only coach/gm thus far which answered real free agency questions about actual players. Smith said that it would be a great thing if Julius Peppers left the NFC South.

12:10 p.m.-Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum isn't sure when Mark Sanchez will be ready to go, but it will be before training camp.

12:17 p.m.-Giants head coach Tom Coughlin looks like an elderly librarian with his sweater and old man glasses.

12:47 p.m.-Texans GM Rick Smith just finished speaking. He didn't want to get in to what-ifs concerning the team making playoffs last season if they had a healthy Owen Daniels. He explained that the Texans would not be in the sweepstakes for free agency cornerback Dunta Robinson, and they aren't sure what to do with free agent wide receiver Kevin Walter.

"You can't keep everyone," Smith said when talking about free agency. "Sometimes we have to make some tough decisions."

1:06 p.m.-Former Texans GM Charlie Casserly explains the draft process. His final draft with the team may have been one of the best ever. 2006 Texans, look it up.

1:08 p.m.-Casserly says that teams with the extra picks in this year's draft will benefit greatly and they made those trades to acquire them with the expiration of the CBA in mind.

1:24 p.m.-Charlie Casserly is sharing some great info. According to teams, Gerald McCoy is actually ahead of Kong Suh. Casserly also said that it pays to take the left tackles early in the draft, and Anthony Davis as Russell Okung are the two best. Bulaga is the most technically correct (lowest ceiling) and Trent Williams is mostly viewed as a right tackle.

1:34 p.m.-Teams are speaking highly of Tim Tebow. Ironically, all of those are teams that already have established starting quarterbacks.

1:55 p.m.-Just interviewed Riley Cooper. Very confident guy, almost to the point of cockiness. He's giving up on baseball and his passion is for football.

2:39 p.m.-Just finished talking to Brandon James (Florida) and Mike Williams (Syracuse). James is very confident and Williams expects to run in the 4.4's. Time will tell.

2:51 p.m.-Just updated the radio show website. Lots of stars on today.

3:20 p.m.-I just finished my holy experience which was the Tim Tebow interview. Interesting guy to say the least. He loses me a bit when talking about his heart and his love for children. Maybe I'm just a cynic? Am I going to hell if I think that?

3:40 p.m.-Cutting up audio for the Tebow interview. He handles the questions well. Honestly, if the whole football thing doesn't work out he could become President of the United States.

3:41 p.m.-A colleague of mine (not at Scout) is freaking out because he has a computer virus and his computer won't work. It's a little distracting.

3:45 p.m.-Some moron asked for an autograph from Saint Timothy. That's an enormous no-no for alleged media.

4:15 p.m.-Interviewed Jeff Fisher, he said that Vince Young is the starting quarterback and Kevin Mawae is welcomed back but only in a backup role. They are going to let Kyle Vanden Bosch test free agency.

Fisher also said that the Jaguars were a good young team on the rise.

4:25 p.m.-Time to head back to the hotel and get ready for CB Sports Radio. Today we'll have Tim Tebow, Mike Smith, Mike Shanahan and others.

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