Bernstein Blog- Trip to the Combine (Sat)

Charlie Bernstein will take you through his experiences as we take a lighter look at the ultra-serious world of the NFL Scouting Combine.

7:44 a.m.-Wake up, take the five-hour energy and head downstairs for some breakfast. Today I'm going to walk to the Luke.

8:45 a.m.-Arrive at the stadium, cold and with my nose running. Today is off to a splendid start.

10:15 a.m.-Giants GM Jerry Reese just finished speaking. He claims that you can find a running back late in the draft (Ahmad Bradshaw), and he disputes that the Cowboys have opened up a gap on the rest of the NFC East.

10:17 a.m.-Reese can't/won't talk about Osi Umenyiora or Antonio Pierce. Kenny Phillips return from the knee injury is on schedule.

10:45 a.m.-Just completed some editing from an excellent story I finished on blood testing in the NFL. Compelling stuff.

10:49 NFL Draft Expert Chris Steuber just mentioned something about the NFL portal. When I think of the word portal, I automatically reflect back to the movie, "Being John Malkovich."

11:11 a.m.-Ole Miss running back Dexter McCluster is hearing from teams that they don't believe his size is much of a concern and he's a play-maker. McCluster believes he can make a similar immediate impact to a team as Reggie Bush and Percy Harvin. He's about 20+ lbs. smaller than those guys.

11:24 a.m.-Chiefs HC Todd Haley would like to have all of his free agents back. The wide receiver position must improve. Haley would also like to get Jammal Charles some help as there are durability concerns.

11:57 a.m.-Just got down with the Rex Ryan interview. Everyone will be pleased to know that he's been working on his abs and women hit on him all the time. The guy is hilarious.

Ryan commented about the tough schedule his team faces, how they must play better in their own division, and how not being able to add any free agents will be a penalty. Vernon Gholston is in his make or break year, but he needs more playing time. The Jets plan on throwing the ball more this year.

12:29 p.m.-Just ate a $6 hot dog for lunch. To make it even healthier, I had the guy at the stand drip some nacho cheese on it.

12:50 p.m.-Listened to Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen. He answered about 300 questions about his character. Quite a bit for a guy who's never been in trouble.

1:13 p.m.-Beginning to feel the after-effects of the hot dog.

1:25 p.m.-Just finished chatting with Sam Bradford. Sorry Jaguars fans, he's going to be long gone by the time the team goes on the clock. Very impressive.

2:03 p.m.-Finished with Josh McDaniels. I believe his nose actually grew when he claimed he was fond of UCF grad Brandon Marshall.

McDaniels claims that shotgun style quarterbacks don't have consistent habits from under center. He wants Kyle Orton to have more freedom this season.

2:24 p.m.-Ravens coach John Harbargh spoke about his team's interest in Terrell Owens, as well as wanting Derrick Mason back for another year or two. Harbaugh said Donte Stallworth is a first class individual who had a great workout which led to his signing.

2:45 p.m.-Sat down with UCF DT Torell Troup. Troup charmed the reporters and is anxious to work out tomorrow.

3:12 p.m.-Rolando McClain addressed the media. He was very matter of fact with all the questions.

3:25 p.m.-Clemson DE/OLB Ricky Sapp was at podium and he was very confident. Talked to plenty of 3-4 teams and a couple 4-3 teams (Titans, Colts).

3:45 p.m.-Eric Mangini took the podium and the aura of goodness that Tim Tebow possesses is comparable to the aura of douchiness that Mangini projects. I'm not sure if he has a soul.

3:57 p.m.-Talked to South Carolina LB Eric Norwood. He could be the steal of the draft.

4:11 p.m.-Just finished up with Ndamukong Suh. Impressive, confident guy who likely won't be the first overall pick.

4:27 p.m.-Sergio Kindle just spoke and he's clearly more of an OLB rather than DE as he weighed in at just 250 lbs. Kindle didn't really seem comfortable answering questions, especially about running his car into an apartment building.

4:44 p.m.-There's a lull in the action so I decide to check Facebook. People are losing random animals in their zoos.

4:48 p.m.-If the island of Hawaii gets hit by a tsunami, will the Pro Bowl permanently stay on the mainland? I hope not.

4:57 p.m.-Toby Gerhart took the podium and he will forever be known as "the oxymoron" (white running back). Can a white running back make it in the league? I believe he runs a little too upright.

5:06 p.m.-Spoke to our good friend Pete Prisco. He believes that the Jags are sticking with Garrard. Sad day for Jacksonville.

5:18 p.m.-Listening to former All-Pro center LeCharles Bentley talk to a few of us. He runs an O-line camp and he has his own radio show. Very impressive guy.

5:25 p.m.-Georgia DT Jeff Owens is the last guy today. I'll be packing up shop and heading back to the hotel for some food in a few.

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