Kassim Osgood Scouting Report

The Jaguars may not have gone after Julius Peppers or traded for Anquan Boldin, but they made a solid impact signing for a price they could live with yesterday as they inked special teams stud Kassim Osgood. So what type of player are the Jaguars getting? We have the complete scouting report for you in this JagNation exclusive.

To find out the real scoop on what type of player Kassim Osgood is, we asked SD Bolt Report.com publisher Michael Lombardo to help us out and give us his thoughts as he has covered every professional game Osgood has played in. Here's what Lombardo had to say--

Osgood is one of the elite special teams players in the NFL. He is the league's best gunner in punt coverage and has a knack for splitting double-teams and pinning the ball inside the five-yard line. He's also an invaluable member of the onside-kick team, as he is willing to knock heads and fight for the ball at the bottom of a scrum.

Osgood has some potential on offense, although the Chargers used him almost exclusively as a run blocker. He is an outstanding run blocker, but if he was in the game, opponents knew a handoff was coming.

He has some skills to succeed as a receiver. He has underrated speed -- he used to train at Randy Moss' speed camp in the offseason. He also has a big body (6-foot-5, 220 pounds) and knows how to box out defenders.

However, there are reasons he didn't play much as a wide-out. He has questionable hands; he lacks quickness coming in and out of his breaks; and he offers little in terms of RAC. Realistically, he should be a team's best special-teams performer but no better than its fourth best receiver.

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