Trading Down?

On Tuesday night the Jacksonville Jaguars hosted a fan forum conference call with general manager Gene Smith to let fans question the general manager on the offseason and the draft. During the conference call, Gene Smith indicated he would like to trade down and aquire more picks, however doing so is a lot easier said than done. Who could be enticed to move up to pick number 10?

"My mind-set is to acquire picks. If we're able to do that, I'll have a smile on my face," Gene Smith said during the call in response to a fan question about trading down. It would take a perceived elite level player to entice a team to move up to the 10th overall pick in the draft, but there are some scenarios in which it could happen. Obviously if a quarterback fell, but I tend to believe if a quarterback fell in the Jaguars lap, they would take him.

Let's look at some trade down scenarios and who the Jaguars could look at.

1. Green Bay Packers get pick #10, Jacksonville gets pick #23, pick #55 (2nd), pick #119 (4th), and a 2011 third-round pick.

The Packers select offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga at pick 10. The Jaguars select defensive tackle Brian Price at pick 23.

The Packers are arguably a left tackle away from making a Super Bowl run. Aaron Rodgers was sacked 50 times last year and a talented left tackle could nearly cut that number in half. Adding Brian Price to the Jaguars defensive line adds a player at a position where the depth is questionable and lacks players who can penetrate and collapse the pocket, which is what Price excells at.

2. Philadelphia Eagles get pick #10 and a 2011 third-round pick, Jacksonville gets pick #24 and quarterback Donovan McNabb.

The Eagles select defensive end Juan Pierre-Paul at pick 10. The Jaguars select cornerback Kyle Wilson at pick 24.

The Eagles went hard after a defensive end in free agency. They were second on the Julius Peppers list and missed out on Aaron Kampman to Jacksonville. Trading up usually isn't the Eagles way, but it's worked out for them the past few seasons. Kyle Wilson gives the Jaguars another young player in the secondary who could fight for a starting spot, the Jaguars also aquire a starting quarterback. Philadelphia won't enter the season with all 3 of their current quarterbacks on the roster.

3. San Diego Chargers get pick #10, Jacksonville gets pick #28, pick #60 (2nd), and pick #92 (3rd).

The Chargers select defensive tackle Dan Williams at pick 10. The Jaguars select offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncy at pick 28.

With the loss of Jamaal Williams the San Diego Chargers are thin at the defensive line, especially at the nose tackle position. Acquiring Maurkice Pouncy for the Jaguars lets them have a young player who can compete for the center and/or guard position on the offensive line.

NOTE: All trade scenarios were made using the draft pick value chart.

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