The Tim Tebow watch in Jacksonville, as expected, gained momentum this week when the Florida Gator quarterback took part in the Florida Pro Day in Gainesville. Tebow was among 15 former Florida players who participated in various drills under the watchful eye of a number of NFL head coaches, assistant coaches and general managers.

Most of the attention was on Tebow, who continues to be the most complex player in this year's draft. What one scout deems as an asset, another calls a liability. His throwing motion has been analyzed and dissected every imaginable way.

For the past five weeks, since his time at the combine in Indianapolis where he didn't throw the ball, Tebow has been working to change his look as a quarterback. He's holding the ball higher than he did in college, he's attempted to shorten his wide throwing base and cut down on the looping throwing motion and making it more compact. Bottom line, he's trying to look more like an NFL quarterback than the highly successful college quarterback he's been for the past three years.

He drew praise from a number of NFL personnel, including Jaguars general manager Gene Smith, who was in attendance along with a number of other Jacksonville scouts and personnel reps. Smith, the only one who speaks for the team on such personnel matters, came away impressed with Tebow's workout.

"He had a good workout," Smith said. "It's obvious that he has taken special effort to shorten the length of his release. He was very conscientious about doing so. Then I thought from a footwork standpoint -- which I never thought was a big issue -- I felt he was better in that particular area."

Smith has studied tapes of Tebow and has talked with the former Gator QB, who also was a successful high school quarterback in the Jacksonville area. Because of the strong following he had then and later during his time in Gainesville, there is a strong faction of fans in Jacksonville who would like to see Tebow selected by the Jaguars.

Smith speaks highly of Tebow, but isn't tipping his hand as to how strong the Jaguars feel about him.

"He's got the will to prepare. Everybody has a different mechanical makeup. Certainly his is maybe different than some of the other quarterbacks in the draft," Smith said. "But I thought from his skill set, he came out here and did well in the workout.

Tebow knows that he's become one of the most scrutinized prospects in NFL Draft history. He's talked in the past of how much he would like to play for the Jaguars, a team that he's followed while a youngster in the Jacksonville area.

But for now, he just wants to make some changes to his style with the hope that it will elevate his status in the draft.

"The question was, 'Why wouldn't you wait until you got drafted to start working on some of the things you to work on?'" Tebow said. "For me, if I know I'm gonna do something, I'm not gonna wait for changes. I'm not going to wait for changes. I'm not gonna be scared about coming out and not being perfect. I'm gonna make changes and work on (them). I felt like I did that (today)."

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