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Twelve wins in the last two years, back-to-back losing seasons and all but one of their home games blacked out in 2009. That doesn't present a pretty picture for the Jacksonville Jaguars trying to earn back their fans' supports and make it back to the playoffs.

But despite the negatives that have engulfed this team the past two seasons, head coach Jack Del Rio said he doesn't feel pressure on himself entering his eighth season with the club.

"I never knew what that word was, certainly not as a player. I really love what I do. The hardest, really, is the strain that I see placed on others around me ... not me," Del Rio told the Florida Times-Union at the owners meeting in Orlando this week. "We're so consumed with what we're doing. If you have a tough moment, you're getting ready for the next opportunity.

"If you win, everybody else wants to celebrate and all that. That's great -- I've got to go to work. You're so part of the process and I love it. I love what I do."

Jack Del Rio has downplayed any thoughts that there's a quarterback controversy brewing with the Jaguars. At this year's Super Bowl, Del Rio was quoted as saying that David Garrard isn't an elite quarterback. A couple weeks ago, Garrard said that he has to outplay backup Luke McCown in training camp in order to retain his starting spot.

But Del Rio squashed any thoughts that the starting job is up for grabs.

"Dave's our quarterback. Dave created that (quarterback controversy). He just helped our local guys to have something to track during training camp. Dave is our guy, Luke's the backup and we'll continue to look for a third (quarterback)."

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver and coach Jack Del Rio were on opposite sides of the proposed overtime rule change that was passed at the owners meeting in Orlando. Weaver eventually won out, voting with 27 of his fellow owners in passing the new rule for overtime in playoff games by a 28-4 margin.

But Del Rio was in favor of keeping it status quo, saying he liked the current setup. The Jaguars have been successful in overtime games under Del Rio, winning five of six games, including two by field goals.

"I like sudden death. I think it's exciting. I would do sudden death only in postseason," he said. "I'd have ties myself (in the regular season). But they're not asking me."

The Jaguars received a compensatory draft pick for next month's draft though the team had hoped it was going to receive a pair. Jacksonville will now have an additional sixth-round pick, the 34th pick in the round, the 203rd pick overall.

That now gives the Jaguars six picks in the draft, including a pair in the sixth round. The team does not have picks in the second or seventh rounds. Those picks were dealt away in order to draft cornerback Derek Cox (giving up the second round pick) last year and to trade for backup quarterback Luke McCown in 2009.

The Jaguars have the No. 10 pick in the draft but won't pick again until the No. 75 spot, early in the third round.

Football players can be avid basketball followers, especially this time of year when the NCAA Basketball Tournament is going strong. Same with NFL coaches, including Jaguars head man, Jack Del Rio.

Del Rio played four seasons at Southern California, but his political science degree is from Kansas. He related his frustration in the Jayhawks losing in the second round of the tournament, comparing it to Jaguars fans who became frustrated a year ago when it appeared the team was headed to the playoffs, only to lose their final four games of the season.

"I'm a fan. I had (Kansas) all the way in my bracket. I still love my Jayhawks," the Jaguars coach said. "It's natural (to be upset), and I think that dissipates after a while and you start thinking about the next opportunity and the next season. So I felt the same way. I understand how they (Jaguars fans) felt because that's how I felt. That's how we all felt."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "I'm excited what we're doing, the direction we're heading in. I think we've got a good, young nucleus that we're building around right now." -- Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio.

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