Jags Interested in Atypical Athlete

The Jaguars have shown plenty of interest in an athletic playmaker who could pay big dividends. Find out which player at a serious position of need that the Jags are considering.

Of all the impressive wide receivers in the 2010 draft, Ohio University's Taylor Price doesn't really pass the eye test. He doesn't have the highlights of Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant, or the massive size of Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas. Still, Price is a player who has been rising up draft boards ever since his impressive week at the Senior Bowl.

Still, Price is trying not to let any of the hype go to his head.

"I try not to read the stuff on the Internet, but it's hard because you're always on the Internet checking your email," Price said. "You have friends texting you, your mom. It's tough, but you have to stay humble. You have to stay grounded. I think I'm a humble guy from a smaller school with something to prove."

The 6'1", 204 lb. Price had less than overwhelming collegiate statistics as he caught 56 passes for 784 yards and five touchdowns as a senior. The lack of record-breaking statistics had more to do with the offense he played in rather than a lack of ability.

"Taylor Price is a guy who's really moving up draft boards," NFL Draft Bible's Bo Marchionte said. "He doesn't have enormous stats, but the guy is fast and he knows how to play."

Price may be the perfect compliment to the Jaguars wide receiving corps as he has an ability to make tough catches as the current group of Jacksonville receivers must do with David Garrard at quarterback.

"I'm able to adjust to any ball, down low, behind me," Price said at the NFL Combine. "I feel I never got a perfect ball in stride in college. I look at that as a strength."

Price could be as high as a second-day pick which is pretty amazing considering his stats and the fact he didn't even line up at wide receiver until he landed at Ohio University.

"I played corner my junior year in high school and they switched me to offense because of my speed," Price said about playing corner and running back in high school. "That held me back a little bit."

Price hasn't been held back all that much in the draft process as he ran a 4.40 40-yard dash at last month's NFL Combine and recorded a 37 inch vertical leap. These numbers, his quiet leadership qualities and his great footwork have plenty of teams, including the Jaguars very interested in this native Ohio prospect.

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