Smiley Can't Wait to Compete

The newest Jaguars, left guard Justin Smiley spoke about his time in Miami, how he believes there is more competition in Jacksonville, and how he'll do anything for the team.

Looking to add talent on the offensive line the Jaguars traded a conditional seventh-round pick to the Miami Dolphins for left guard Justin Smiley last week. Smiley landed in Jacksonville, passed his physical and competed in some OTA's.

"If you've been away for football for a few weeks, even if you've played 23 years like I have, you just kind of feel like you forgot to play so it was good to come out here and knock the rust off," Smiley said.

Justin Smiley had missed the Dolphins offseason training program because the team told him to stay away from the facilities as they didn't want him to get hurt as they were figuring out the best course of action to take with him. Smiley has had a history of shoulder issues which have cost him several games in his career.

"I don't think I can talk about specifics other than everyone knows I passed my physical," the somewhat evasive Smiley told reporters.

When Smiley is healthy he is one of the better left guards in the league, and he has made it pretty clear that left guard is the position he was brought here to play.

"They brought me in to play left guard. That's what they told me. That's what I play," Smiley said. "I've played my best football at left guard and I just feel comfortable there."

With his lack of versatility, Smiley will likely have to earn a starting job to keep his roster spot.

"I'm confident in my abilities," Smiley said. "That's all I can control, really."

As confident as Justin Smiley is, he knows that the competition on the offensive line is very legitimate.

"I would say we have more talented guards here than we had down there (in Miami) just from seeing these guys play. I was very, very impressed with Kynan and the way he moves, kind of blow away. I watched him play in Atlanta and looked up to him and watched him play here. He's still got it."

Smiley was asked about the differences between the Dolphins and Jaguars franchises, and he was pretty transparent.

"They run a different deal down there but I'm really loving what I see here. They came after me, made me feel wanted," Smiley explained. "That was a big deal to me because we had to do some restructuring and some things like that for me to come here. They wanted me and I wanted to be part of this and like I said, just have a shot playing on a team with a lot of potential."

The Jaguars hope that Smiley can help the offense play up to its potential.

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