Garrard Taking A Leadership Role

The quarterback is the most important position in sports and the Jaguars know that their playoff aspirations will go as far as quarterback David Garrard takes them. Garrard is taking a more active role as a leader this offseason and it starts with pointing out and accepting the problems that kept the team from being successful in the past. Find out what Garrard is doing this year.

The Jaguars current starting quarterback knows that a lack of focus has plagued the team in the past, as the Jaguars have had to suspend players on road trips prior to games.

When asked what a good story for this year's camp would be, Garrard responded. "A good story is everyone is staying out of trouble. Everyone is working hard."

Garrard can't understand how or why some of his current and former teammates have spent so much time nocturnally.

"I don't know how they do it," Garrard said. "It's hard for me to stay up past 9:30 (p.m.) now."

Garrard elaborated a bit further.

"There's a lot of young guys out here now. Just like my son is full of energy. they are full of energy too. Sometimes you wish they would direct it in a better way. I think you can look back to the old saying that there is nothing good that happens after 12:00 (a.m.). If they could really stick to that, it would help a lot of people," the Jaguars quarterback explained.

Still, the Jaguars quarterback seems to proud of this group of guys.

"I stepped up here and said some of the positive things that nobody has gotten in trouble in the offseason and those kind of things. You joke about it, but it is serious," Garrard said. I am proud of these guys. I am happy for these guys for being standup guys and staying out of trouble."

Garrard's question marks have never came from any off the field situations, but what has happened on the field. When asked if he feels pressure to perform, Garrard was quick to deflect.

"It definitely starts with the offensive line," the Jaguars signal caller said.

Still, despite having an offensive line in transition and a very young wide receiving corps, Garrard knows that the ripe old age of 31 he's not getting any younger and the pressure is mounting for the quarterback with a .500 career record as a starter.

"You can't have many 5-11 seasons, or 7-9 seasons and just be comfortable," Garrard said.

You're not going to play quarterback in the NFL and be scared to take some of the pressure and some of the load that comes with it."

Garrard is happy that his team appears to be more focused and he understands that the heat will be on him this season, even if he doesn't always believe his shortcomings are the fault of his own.

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