Jaguars Camp Competition- Quarterbacks

The Jaguars don't appear to have much of a competition brewing at the quarterback position as the roles of the three players on their roster appear to be defined. That said, there wasn't a quarterback competition at this time back in 2007 either.

The competitors: David Garrard, Luke McCown, Trevor Harris

This is clearly David Garrard's job to lose and although there doesn't seem to be much of a competition, Garrard has led the team to consecutive last place finishes while routinely folding in crunch-time situations. Not exactly what you want from your guy earning big money that's supposed to guide you to the promised land..

With Garrard's faults also come an easy throwing motion, great arm and better than average mobility. To put it simply, Garrard has all the physical attributes of a legitimate Pro Bowl quarterback, but few of the mental attributes.

If Garrard can put it all together mentally, the Jaguars could have a legitimate playmaker at the most important position on the field.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that Garrard is 32 years old and if he hasn't got it figured out now, he likely never will.

So what does Luke McCown bring to the table? That's the great unknown. McCown is 29 years old and has started just seven career games. He's a big, strong guy and an excellent athlete. What's kept him from earning a starting job has been decision making and underneath accuracy. Like Garrard, McCown has all the physical tools, but everything else is an unknown.

It will take an impressive camp from McCown and a poor camp from Garrard for McCown to potentially win the starting job. What Luke has going for him is the salary disparity between he and Garrard, as McCown is due to earn nearly $5 million less in 2010.

Without a third veteran quarterback on the roster it is tough to imagine the Jaguars pulling a move similar to what occurred in 2007 as Byron Leftwich was ousted as the starter by David Garrard. The Jaguars would be faced with beginning the season with Luke McCown and a veteran who they'd have to pick up in free agency just a week or two prior to the season opener against Denver.

So what about Trevor Harris? Harris will likely be competing for a practice squad position as the rookie from Edinboro College is pretty raw, and lacks an elite arm.

So what will happen? David Garrard will be the opening day starter as Luke McCown backs him up. Trevor Harris will likely be a free agent.

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