Jaguars Around the Web

The countdown to training camp is fully on and Jaguars news is beginning to pop up all over the Internet. JagNation is going to take a look at what's going on.

Lewis Flying Under the Radar

The Jaguars don't get a ton of national recognition, and great blocking tight ends get even less around the league. Marcedes Lewis made AFC South Expert Charlie Bernstein's list of the five most underrated players in the division.

One More Rookie in the Fold

The Jaguars came to terms with third-round pick, defensive tackle D'Anthony Smith. The Florida Times-Union's Gene Frenette has the story.

A Shakeup in the Ticketing Department

The Jaguars are putting together a "marketing blitz" to try and sell their remaining seats, but I'm not sure if they meant for the guy in charge to be, well "blitzed".

Pressure is the Key

The Jaguars spent much of their offseason focusing on fixing their defense, and namely the pass rush. editor Vic Ketchman breaks down the importance of hitting opposing quarterbacks in this editorial.

What Does the Future Hold for Garrard?

The Sporting News' infamous Mike Florio takes a look at which teams should move on from their current quarterback situations in this blurb.

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