Jacksonville: Comings & Goings

The Jaguars are doing their share in keeping Jacksonville International Airport in business lately. There have been free agent flying in and out on a regular basis.


Charlie Batch (QB-Pitt) has been contacted, but no visit has been scheduled as of yet. This move seems to indicate that the Jags do not yet feel comfortable enough in first-year pro David Garrard stepping in as back-up, if need be for Brunell.

Marc Edwards (FB-NE) will be visiting the Jags tonight. Jacksonville's current fullback Patrick Washington, an exclusive rights free agent(EFA), was recently re-signed for $375,000. As an EFA, Washingtonwas not allowed to negotiate with any other team.


Pete Mitchell (TE-JAX) will be making his first visit in free agency to New Orleans. The Jags are still in the midst of trying to re-structure Kyle Brady's current contract. Some are questioning whether Mitchell and Brady will fit into Musgrave's new West Coast offense. The Jags already hosted a visit from Ram's tight ends Ernie Conwell. The tight end play's a significant role in the West Coast Offense, so this will be one to keep your eyes on.

Back & Forth:

Seems that Stacy Mack (RB-JAX) is greatat "runningback". First Stacy stated he was not interested in staying in Jacksonville. Now his agent, Tim McGee, says Mack would consider returning to Jacksonville if he can't land a starting gig elsewhere. Mack was particularly interested in Houston and Carolina. But, it seems that Carolina came to an agreement with Stephen Davis. Mack has already visited Houston and McGee says he's now trying to schedule meetings with Dallas and Oakland. Many seriously question Mack as a starter. Mack was extremely successful in the back-up role to Fred Taylor last year, and the Jags already have an offer on the table for back-up money. If Mack does move on, the Jags have already brought in Shawn Bryson(RB-BUFF) for a visit.

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