Jaguars Preseason Breakdown- Offense

Anyone can read the bottom line on SportsCenter and see that the Jaguars dropped their preseason opener to the Eagles, 28-27. For those with a thirst for expert analysis, JagNation breaks down the Jaguars offense in Friday's preseason game and here's the report on how the guys actually played.


We always begin with the quarterbacks because that is the most important position on the football field. David Garrard led the team to one first down (which came against backups) in three possessions. Garrard was tentative in his first two drives, throwing early and settling without going through his down field progressions.

A message to David Garrard: This is preseason, it's okay to make some mistakes down the football field. If you're playing scared now (and you are), you will end up losing your job.

Some believe Garrard was victim to a pair of Mike Sims-Walker drops. The first alleged "drop" came when the ball was thrown late and to the defender side of the receiver so the corner punched it out. The second alleged "drop" came on a pass that sailed that set Sims-Walker up for abuse, and his night ended there, and in a sling no less.

Luke McCown couldn't have had a better preseason debut for the team as he connected on 11 of 15 tosses for 244 yards and three touchdowns. McCown wasn't afraid to take shots deep, as he hooked up with receiver Troy Williamson on a 73-yard touchdown strike as well as Tiquan Underwood for a 55-yard score. McCown made some great touch throws as well as he hit tight end Mike Caussin and then John Matthews for a touchdown. McCown used his legs, seemed confident and mobile and was ultimately accurate down the football field.

Trevor Harris played the fourth quarter and looked lost. The undrafted rookie from Edinboro showed a lack of arm strength, and an inability to read a defense. We give him a bit of a pass because it is his first real NFL action, but at this point he doesn't appear as if he has the tools to play on this level.

Arrow Up: Luke McCown

Arrow Down: David Garrard, Trevor Harris

Running Backs

There wasn't much room for the backs to run…at all. It's difficult to evaluate running backs when they're met by a host of defenders the second they touch the football. Nine carries for 14 yards pretty much tells you all you need to know.

The running backs did do a solid job in the passing game as Rashad Jennings and Deji Karim were solid in blitz pickup. Rashad caught three passes for 28 yards, and MJD, Karim, and Brock Bolen combined for another four catches.

Arrow Up/Down: Check back next week

Wide Receivers

The receivers had an up and down night overall, which happened to coincide with who was delivering them the football. Mike Sims-Walker couldn't bring down a pair of Garrard throws that were in traffic. His reward for those efforts was a hurt shoulder which seems to be worse than the team is letting on.

Troy Williamson and Tiquan Underwood showed that they have legitimate track speed and for once, their hands were no issue. Williamson and Underwood both made the Philadelphia corners look silly and they really showed the big play potential that both possess. Mike Thomas was again open all over the field and he caught the only pass that was thrown in his direction. Even undrafted free agent John Matthews got in on the action as he caught four passes for 41 yards including 30-yard touchdown strike from Luke McCown.

The Jaguars receivers looked like the Colts receivers when McCown was in the game. Better quarterback play always leads to better receiver play. Always.

Arrow Up: Troy Williamson, Tiquan Underwood and John Matthews

Arrow Down: Mike Sims-Walker (injury)

Offensive Line

There was plenty of reason for concern entering the game for the Jaguars as starting tackles Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton were out. Backups Kevin Haslam and Jordan Black did a solid job on the outside and their efforts may go a long way in earning both a roster spot. The interior line struggled in run blocking as the Eagles really seemed to key on stopping the Jaguars rushing attack. Seemingly, nobody was able to move Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws, who was in the middle of several stops. Undrafted rookie Daniel Baldridge had a evening to forget as he seemed very slow of foot and simply couldn't block any of the Eagles defensive ends.

Overall, nobody really stepped up and won or lost their potential starting jobs.

Arrow Up: Kevin Haslam

Arrow Down: Daniel Baldridge

Tight Ends

Marcedes Lewis caught the only pass thrown his way which was a little four yard out on a third-and-six on the first possession. Zach Miller got open in the seam and Luke McCown threw a strike to him for 18 yards. Mike Caussin caught two of four passes thrown in his direction for 25 yards. Zach Potter caught the only ball thrown in his direction.

Arrow Up/Down: Check back next week

Look for the preseason breakdown of the Jaguars defense which is coming soon.

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