Five Jaguars Predictions

Training camp has closed for the Jaguars and we have learned plenty in our observations. Find out what will happen this season as we peek into our crystal ball.

Prediction #1: Luke McCown will start more than one game at quarterback

It's difficult to watch Jaguars practices and not believe that McCown is every bit the equal of David Garrard. At the very least, Garrard isn't $5 million better than McCown. Even if Luke McCown regresses in the next few preseason games and David Garrard starts the season, he will not finish it. Garrard isn't good enough to lead a team on his own to anything better than mediocrity, and if the Jaguars are near .500 late in the season, they will make the switch.

Prediction #2 : Terrance Knighton will become a Pro Bowl caliber defensive tackle

It now seems ridiculous that most experts scoffed at the Jaguars decision to take Terrance Knighton in the third-round of the 2009 draft. All Knighton did was start all 16 games as a rookie and he did so in impressive fashion. Knighton appears ready to take his game to the next level this year and he will be one of the best tackles in the game.

Prediction #3: Ernest Wilford will become a bigger part of the offense

Ernest Wilford is in his second tour of duty with the Jags and he seems to be adjusting well to his new tight end position. Wilford came into camp in spectacular condition and is catching everything thrown his way. With the uncertain physical condition of Zach Miller, Wilford should see more action and he could be a great possession receiver.

Prediction #4: Rashad Jennings will take some of MJD's carries

Rashad Jennings has impressed the coaching staff and his team during this camp as his chiseled 6'2", 229 lb. frame has punished potential tacklers. Jennings has also displayed a great set of hands and he's worked hard on his blitz pickups. Jennings could likely start on a few teams in this league and his emergence will lessen some of the load on Jones-Drew.

Prediction #5: Jaguars receivers will get open each and every week

Although the Jaguars wide receiving corps doesn't have the panache or flare of a team like the Bengals, Jacksonville finally has a good, speedy young group of pass catchers. The team has the all-everything guy in Mike Sims-Walker, and the near-uncoverable Mike Thomas. Add in track stars like Troy WIlliamson and Tiquan Underwood and the wide receiving corps is no longer an excuse for a poor passing game.

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