Youth and Frugality Theme of Jaguars Cuts

The Jaguars trimmed their roster from 75 to 53 late Saturday night, and they did so in some surprising fashion. Amongst the cuts were a former first-round pick and a player who has started over 40 games for the team. We are going to break down the Jaguars transactions.

The Jaguars trade safety Reggie Nelson to the Cincinnati Bengals for cornerback David Jones and a conditional draft pick- Nelson was a player who has regressed significantly since his rookie year and the first-round pick would have been cut if not for the trade. Jones became expendable from the Bengals as they have gone younger at their corner position. Simply a trade between two teams that were going to release each of the principles.

Gerald Alexander- Somewhat of a surprise move, as the Jaguars don't have much talent left at the position. Alexander is very athletic, but will never be an elite safety and he looked bad on film. Signs pointed to this as head coach Jack Del Rio said earlier in the week that he knew who his safeties were but would not announce it.

Alvin Bowen- Bowen didn't have a lot of talent at a talent deprived linebacker position.

Atiyyah Ellison- Ellison played a major role last season with the team, but was severely outplayed by Leger Douzable since Douzable came aboard.

Kynan Forney- The 10-year veteran got hurt and missed the last two preseason games. The Jaguars didn't want to guarantee a salary of a veteran who is currently injured.

Tony Gilbert- Gilbert played well since being signed during the second week of preseason. This is another case of the team not wanting to guarantee the salary of a vested veteran. If they need Gilbert, it is likely that they could grab him after Week One.

Teddy Lehman- The feel good story didn't look so good on the field. Lehman simply wasn't good enough.

Jeremy Navarre, Kolby Smith, Rod Wilson- All three players were outplayed at their positions.

Scott Starks- This was somewhat of a political/wallet type of move. Starks was clearly better than Don Carey, but the team didn't want to guarantee Starks salary in his sixth season. Carey was a somewhat controversial signing as they took him off the Cleveland Browns waived/injured list last season. If they would've waived Carey, it wouldn't have looked good even though Carey struggled mightily during the summer.

Ernest Wilford- Simple money move. Wilford was in the best shape of his career and caught everything thrown his way all summer long. Since Wilford is a vested veteran, his salary would've been guaranteed, but don't be surprised if the Jaguars re-sign him after the first week.

Troy Williamson- We had Williamson and WR Tiquan Underwood in a dead heat for the final receiver spot. With a similar skill set, the Jags opted to keep the younger Underwood whose salary isn't guaranteed. Once again, if Underwood continues to drop passes Williamson will likely be available.

Walter Curry, Clarence Denmark, John Matthews, Daniel Baldridge, Mike Caussin, Trevor Harris, Chad Kackert, Ko Quaye, Bradley Vierling- Simply not good enough at their positions.

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