Revis Expects A Target On His Back

Jets' cornerback Darrelle Revis returned to the field on Tuesday for the first time since mini-camp concluded in June.

In his first day on a football field with the Jets following a 36-day holdout, Darrelle Revis returned to Atlantic Health Jets Training Center on Tuesday eager and excited to be playing football again.

Revis did temper his enthusiasm with the fact that he realizes the Ravens will most likely target him during the season opener on Monday night.

"I haven't been in camp, I haven't been playing football for a while - I'm sure that's in their game plan," Revis said of Baltimore targeting him. "They might mix a couple of receivers in there. First down, they may have Anquan [Boldin] or somebody else in to run a go on my side if they get me a little bit tired."

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