Three Reasons Why The Jets Lost

The Jets found a way to hold their opponent to 10 points and still lose the game.

East Rutherford, NJ – The Jets dropped their season opener to Baltimore, a 10-9 loss in front of a national television audience. A look at three reasons why the Jets lost:

Kyle Wilson looked a little shaky early on, then in the middle of the game and then again at the end. Wilson nearly let Todd Heap in for a touchdown, but recovered and knocked the ball out of the tight end's hands the last minute. Then Wilson was flagged for a hold against T.J. Houshmandzadeh in what could have been a Ravens three and out, but for the penalty. Then with under a minute left in the half, Wilson was called for a pass interface that resulted in a first and goal and the Ravens converted that into a touchdown. Then in the middle of the third quarter when the Ravens were pinned deep in their own end zone Joe Flacco, hit Anquan Boldin for 39 yards, easily beating Wilson. And again a few players later, Boldin beat Wilson for 27 yards. Though it was his first regular season game, it definitely wasn't a debut to remember for the first round pick.

Mark Sanchez was 4-7 for 27 yards in the first half, finishing the game 10 for 21 for 74 yards. Hardly enough passing yards to beat a stiff enough opponent like the Ravens and an uninspiring line at best. That said, Sanchez looked to be playing better than he was in the preseason, though that's not exactly setting the standard high. He threw no careless long balls, showed better game management but "Sanchise" didn't take enough risks to defeat an opponent like the Ravens. While the Jets defense got the Ravens to cough up three turnovers and played well enough to win, the lack of the long ball killed the Jets. In the game, Sanchez connected just one deep pass, a 33-yard toss and catch that was called back for an illegal shift by Braylon Edwards.

Shonn Greene was the star of the Jets postseason last year, but tonight he didn't do much. Grenne finished the game five carries for 18 yards. When you're the feature back taking the place of the traded Thomas Jones you have to do more. 18 yards is inexcusable, but what is more inexcusable is how offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer manages to call Greene's number just five times in a game where the Jets mustered just 44 plays from scrimmage. That drop in the fourth quarter, which could have doubled his career regular season reception total, was a forgettable moment for the second-year back.

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