Pace Testing His Mettle

Jets linebacker Calvin Pace said that his rehab from an injured ankle is going along well and that he hopes to be back in action soon.

Florham Park, NJ – Jets head coach Rex Ryan officially ruled out Calvin Pace for this Sunday's game against New England, but the linebacker's return may not be too far off.

Pace spoke to this afternoon and said that his recovery is going along smoothly and that he has personally set a goal of returning "hopefully by week four or week five." The ankle injury, suffered in the third preseason game against Washington, required Pace to have a screw put into his right ankle that measured approximately three inches.

His doctor laid out what Pace termed "some parameters" about his rehab that allow him to push to regain full fitness but at the same time he says he must be wary of "pushing too hard and then hurting myself again." He worries about doing further damage to the injury but he said there are mental concerns that test his mettle, if not the metal in his ankle.

"Sometimes where you're injured, you can do other damage," Pace told "Your mind isn't always sure and sometimes, your body has to compensate for what another part can't do. That can end up making you a liability on the field to your teammates."

Almost as bad as the injury, for Pace, was having to watch from the sidelines as the team played a sloppy game on Monday night, losing to Baltimore 10-9. Knowing that he perhaps could have made a difference, Pace said, was the hardest part of the injury experience so far.

"I look at that game and think '10-9, that is winnable' and it makes it tough," Pace said. "You like to think you can go out there and help and maybe help the team get that win. To not be able to do anything and stand there, that right there is the hard part."

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