GWR's Fantasy Outlook: Week Two

GWR's weekly look at the best Jets players for your fantasy team, and other good nods from around the league.

Fantasy football might have some detractors out there, but there is no denying it makes every Sunday that much more exciting. Die hards of one team have vested interest in many teams thanks to the world of Fantasy, and each week, will be taking a look at the Best Bet for each position, and giving you a synopsis of how the Best Jet will fare. Here's a peek at Week 2.


Best Bet

I'll take Phillip Rivers this week. After a huge upset loss to Kansas City, Rivers knows he is going to have to take the Chargers on his back. His 280 yards and two scores were impressive, but he will need to do more if San Diego is going to win another AFC West title. Jacksonville's pass defense wasn't good enough against Denver to make me think they'll be able to stifle the San Diego gunslinger.

Best Jet

Mark Sanchez needs to do A LOT more if he wants to avoid the type of criticism he and the Jet passing game got this past week. The coaching staff needs to take the training wheels off a bit and let him free the way they did in last year's playoffs.


Best Bet

Jamaal Charles seems poised for a big game against Cleveland, and he is a big play waiting to happen against Mangini and company. After a 92-yard performance against San Diego, Charles should see the field a lot clearer against a much weaker unit.

Best Jet

When LaDanian Tomlinson gets the football, we all know anything is possible. And with his apparent rebirth this season, his fantasy value is much higher than originally thought. It'll be interesting to see if he can put up big numbers against New England, but he certainly seems like a better option than Shonn Green—both now, and for the long haul.


Best Bet

I like Roddy White this week against Arizona, more so because of Atlanta's reliance on the passing game than on anything to do with the Cards. The Arizona defense picked off Sam Bradford three times in Week 1, but it also allowed him to throw for 253 yards and a score; Matt Ryan and White should be able to do some more damage.

Best Jet

Even though Braylon Edwards finished Week 1 tied for 164th in the NFL in receiving yards, I would still play him in favor of any other Jet thanks to his ability to catch the deep ball. Granted, Sanchez doesn't throw too many deep, but Edwards can take the few he gets and put up big yards. Will he? Well, that's a whole different conversation.


Best Bet

Without Vincent Jackson, it seems like Antonio Gates could have a huge week any week. He had 76 yards on six catches last week, and got into the end zone once. I think he'll reach paydirt a couple more times against the Jags this week.

Best Jet

Dustin Keller didn't do much against Baltimore, and it doesn't seem like he'll post big numbers against the Patriots, either. In his career against New England, he has just one touchdown. Besides, it's hard to get excited about anybody on the Jets' offense these days, especially if a first down marker is involved.


Best Bet

Best Bet...AND Best Jet Nick Folk is very, very valuable to New York. As long as they have so much trouble reaching the end zone, there's a very real chance he could have three or four field goals every week. There's no reason to think he'll be restricted to PATs anytime soon. He's a good play on Sundays. He's the best in the NFL this week and should have a few field goals on Sunday.


Best Bet AND Best Jet II

There's no denying how good the Jets defense was last week. Not only are they capable of pitching a shutout on any given week, but they may be a better offensive option than the actual Jet offense. If you have ‘em, play ‘em.

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