The AFC East Notebook

A weekly look at the news, stories and hits that made this week in the AFC East.

Well, earlier this summer Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady said that he hated the Jets and apparently, he hates his own team too. The contrast between the first and second halves for the Patriots this past Sunday was indeed remarkable. New England, which put up two TD's before halftime, did nothing in the second half. Brady who was 7-for-16 for 69 yards with two interceptions after intermission and finished 20-of-36 for 248 yards with two touchdowns against New York told reporters; "We couldn't do anything on third down, we couldn't get anything on first or second down. We couldn't run it. We couldn't throw it. We just sucked." Randy Moss shared similar sentiments with regard to his team's enthusiasm during week two of this NFL season saying, "They wanted it more. The plays they made, they made them in the second half. We didn't make them in the second half."

Brett Favre is feeling the sting of defeat in his second loss this season after dropping a result to the Miami Dolphins. "It's a 14-game season now and we're sitting at the bottom of it," remarked Favre, who was 22 of 36 for 225 yards. "What we do with it from here remains to be seen. It won't be any easier." Things are looking much better on South Beach. The Dolphins are off to their first undefeated start since 2002.

Miami Dolphins rising star quarterback Chad Henne is doing his best to walk the fine line between glory and disaster. The promising young QB's instructions from the Dolphins coaching staff are relatively simple, and completely contradictory; go out there and have fun and sling the ball around. Henne is encouraged to throw it downfield and attack the defense… but don't throw any interceptions. Ultimately, it is the player's ability to distinguish when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em that enables them to achieve NFL greatness. In the words of Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, ``The great ones are always that way. They may throw a pick, but it doesn't rattle them. They may even do something silly, but they have the ability to come back and make up for it. You might give up seven, but they'll score 10 on you.''

The Pierce County Herald proudly announced the Buffalo Bills got schooled in the "fine art of professional football" in their 34-7 loss to Green Bay. Buffalo quarterback Trent Edwards was pressured all day and threw for 102 yards and two interceptions. He was sacked four times, while Green Bay's quarterback Aaron Rodgers never went down and was barely touched. Bills' running back Marshawn Lynch, who is the subject of recent trade rumors to the Packers, ran 17 times for 64 yards. Buffalo has yet to pull off a win for this season.

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