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GWR's staff dissects this weekend's slate of NFL games with their picks!

Starting this week, Green and White Report is debuting a new feature in our coverage of your New York Jets and the NFL. Each week the GNWR editorial team will predict the winner of the Jets' games and five other NFL games. This will continue through the playoffs and Super Bowl. Our editorial team will provide you, the reader, as we do daily, with comprehensive analysis of the games and hopefully a laugh or two.

It is our sincere hope that you enjoy our work. What we do, we do for you, the sophisticated New York Jets fan.

Let's get started.

Week Three Games:

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Kristian R. Dyer's picks:

Buffalo at New England: Let's start with the lock of the week. There is no way that the Pats lose two in a row in the division, and at home no less. The Bills, even with their new quarterback, will struggle to move the ball. This game should be won by New England by at least two touchdowns.

Detroit at Minnesota: Following the tough week one loss at Chicago and then another difficult defeat at home to Philadelphia, you'd think the Lions would be primed for a big game to get their first win of the season. Think again, young buckaroos. Minnesota is steaming about their horrible display against Miami and at home, Brett Favre will want to prove that he's not ready to exchange his jersey for his Wranglers quite yet. Go with Minnesota, but it might be a tight one.

Tennessee at New York Giants: The G-Men looked horrible, I mean, Horrible at Indianapolis on Sunday night. IHOP has never seen such a big egg. This home game against Tennessee is great timing, especially with the Titans offense struggling. A good bounceback game for the Giants, and this could be a 10-point win for New York.

San Francisco at Kansas City: Coming off a short week, the 49'ers face a Chiefs team that is full of confidence. The Monday night loss to New Orleans was tough, but have to like the development of the much maligned Alex Smith. This 49'ers team is a year away from the post-season, but could be a good one out of that NFC West for years to come. Go with the 49'ers on this one.

Indianapolis at Denver: Hard to see Denver getting enough traction on either side of the ball to pull this one out, and the Colts show no signs of slowing down, with an offense that is primed and a defense that swarms.

New York Jets at Miami: Yes, the Dolphins swept the season series last year and yes, Chad Henne returns under center after tearing up the Jets defense last in Miami. But, the Jets will find a sanctuary from controversy on the field and can pull out this close one.

Dan Feuerstein's picks:

Dallas at Houston: For the first time in almost forever in football terms, the shoe is on the other foot. The famed and great Dallas Cowboys have started the season at 0-2 while the young and currently strong Houston Texans are 2-0. The Battle for the State of Texas has never been a blip on the radar until the end of week two. Common sense would tell you that the Cowboys will pull it together and earn their first win of the season, but something tells me that the Texans are going to pull out all the stops and grab a victory. They surprised the Colts and they pulled out a big overtime win at the Redskins. Their confidence is riding high I'll take Houston and the 2 1/2.

Detroit at Minnesota: The only thing that is working well for the Vikings is Adrian Peterson and sadly that's not saying a lot. The offensive line is protecting Brett Favre, but the only thing that's not saving Super Brett are his long throws for interceptions. The Detroit Lions have been playing better, but sadly some of the calls have not gone their way and to be fair should be 1-1. I can see the Vikings continue to struggle with old man Favre and if they don't bench the future hall of famer, their loss total will get worse. Taking the Lions.

Philadelphia at Jacksonville: I understand that you can't allow your starting QB to lose his job because of injury, but to be fair, Michael Vick led the team to an impressive victory and should be allowed to play this game as a reward. Vick must start and reports indicate he will. Jack Del Rio's side has looked terrible after getting taken out by the San Diego Chargers and something tells me that it won't be enough to take out a hungry Eagles side. But if the Jags defense finds a way to force Vick to hang in the pocket too long, they can put a hurting on them. Taking the Eagles.

Oakland at Arizona: Someone had to take this game for the hell of it and I don't mind taking it. The simple thing is this, they both stink and to pick a winner shouldn't be that hard. The Black & Silver are basically the dull and boring and the Cardinals are picking themselves off the field turf after the total domination they received from the Falcons. But the Cardinals will regroup and they will put a hurting on the Raiders as Al Davis is still in a time warp. Taking the Cardinals.

Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay: How ironic that the Steelers are actually winning these games in a certain way that we haven't seen before. It's been scratching & clawing for points to start the season and they are slowly running out of QB's on their depth chart. Byron Leftwich got clobbered in the win against the Falcons and now Dennis Dixon has a knee injury after defeating the Titans on the road. That leaves Charlie Batch to lead the Steel curtain in week 3 and hopefully can survive before Ben Roethliserger comes back from his suspension. Meanwhile the Buccaneers are having a good start for the first time in a long time. A good 2-0 performance with Josh Freeman, but he is going to face a tough Steelers defense that could plant him in the turf. Steelers will go 3-0.

Jets at Miami: I am going to be fair and say the Dolphins defense has done a great job keeping any form of a lead to win their first two games. Starting 2-0 is impressive and obviously the old adage is, it doesn't matter what happens in the game just as long as you come out with the win. But if we can be honest with ourselves and I want Dol-Fans to be honest as well, this is the softest 2-0 start I have seen in a very long time. Yes the defense has allowed 10 points in their first two games, but their offense has scored a combined 29 points. That means Chad Henne is not doing his job. The Wild Cat offense is not doing it's job and the whole offensive unit is not doing it's job. Your defense can't keep a lead if the offense can't score points. That's why I expect the NY Jets to go 2-1 and lead the division with a record of 2-0.

Denis Gorman's picks:

Dallas at Houston: The Texans are 2-0 after a convincing win over AFC South rival Indianapolis and a comeback win in Washington. Houston leads the NFL with 440.5 yards of total offense and is second in the league in rushing yards allowed, with an average of 31 yards per game. The hyped Cowboys have talent but lack an offensive line. This is pretty simple. Cash in with the soon-to-be 3-0 Texans.

Cincinnati at Carolina: The Panthers are starting rookie Jimmy Clausen against a defense that picked off Joe Flacco four times last Sunday. Flacco has more playmakers than does Clausen. Take the overrated Bengals to win and cover.

Buffalo at New England: Carl Palladino has a better shot to be the next Governor of New York than the Bills do of beating New England. Take the Patriots and the points.

Indianapolis at Denver: It would be extreme hyperbole to deem this game as an individual matchup of legendary Southeastern Conference quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow. While the Gators went 48-7 with two National Championships in his 55 years at Gainesville, that won't do Tebow much good Sunday afternoon. Peyton and Colts will have a field day in Denver.

Green Bay at Chicago: The perpetually-on-the-hot-seat Lovie Smith out-prepared and out-coached Wade Phillips in the Bears' 27-20 win in Dallas. While an accomplishment, it was about as strenuous as a mid-afternoon nap. Even without Ryan Grant, Green Bay loaded. The Packers easily win in the latest edition of the National Football League's oldest rivalry.

Jets at Dolphins: Miami leads the AFC at 2-0, beating Buffalo and Minnesota by an aggregate 29-20. The Jets are tied for second in the division with a 1-1 record. They have scored 39 points in their two games while allowing 24. The matchup to watch will be ex-AFC West rivals Antonio Cromartie and Brandon Marshall. It seems difficult to fathom a scenario where the Dolphins continue winning by the skin of their teeth. Especially this week against an AFC East foe that feels good about itself. The Jets win outright.

Kristian R. Dyer: 0-0-0

Dan Feuerstein: 0-0-0

Denis Gorman: 0-0-0

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