Quick Time With Robert Turner

GWR's Lauren Benson had the chance to catch-up with Jets lineman and locker room character Rob Turner.

The New York Jets are off to their week four game in upstate New York this weekend against AFC division rivals the Buffalo Bills. The Jets currently hold a 2-0 in division record and are looking to improve that record against a winless Bills team. On Thursday, GWR correspondent Lauren Benson caught up with offensive lineman Robert Turner to see how he felt about his progress and experiences with the organization.

GWR: You've been checking in as a tight end this year, are we ever going to see you catching passes?

RT: They put me where ever they need me. I don't think I've been thrown to yet in four years [as a NY Jet] but if they need me to catch a pass I'll catch a pass, if they need me to run head first into somebody I'll run head first into somebody.

GWR: How has your experience been working with Jim McNally, the famed offensive line coach who is now a team consultant?

RT: Coach McNally's a great guy. He's got a bit of a different outlook than a whole lot of people as far as blocking stuff, technique wise and his demeanor. I think it's good sometimes when you get an influx of new ideas [brought to practice] because it allows you to be more of a complete player.

GWR: He's a bit of a legend in the league, what do you feel you've learned from him?

RT: I would say I've learned the fundamentals of footwork, there's different methods of footwork in that you can use to block a zone, everybody blocks a zone [but] there are different ways to block the zone and different techniques to move your feet that you can use to get there that may be more efficient.

GWR: What was the best prank you've seen come from the Jets organization?

RT: In the jets locker room, the biggest prank I've seen…Mark Sanchez got his car filled up with packing peanuts because he messed with the whole defensive staff. So the coaches filled his car with peanuts, and then they emptied it out after he saw it.

GWR: As far as The Hard Knocks series went: does the camera really add 10 lbs?

RT: Well, I'm almost 300 pounds. so I'm going to definitely say yes. I had a lot of cameras on me. You know you see yourself on camera every day but I think being in this locker room being in this line of work you don't necessarily realize how big you are until you notice it when you're with the general public. You're out in public and you take a picture with somebody, like when I'm back home and I take a picture with my family, I'm a foot taller than everybody else and about four feet wide, not necessarily fat just the shoulders are broader and overall bigger. I think as a professional football player that's when you notice how much bigger you are. When you're around other football players all day you notice it less, it's all relative.

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