Favre From Perfect: Jets Beat Vikes

The Vikings exposed quarterback Brett Favre to lots of hard hits and pressure on Monday night as the Jets beat the Vikings 29-20. "We played a half of football," Minnesota's Randy Moss said. "The Jets played 60 minutes of football."

1: The Jets have had a knack for game sealing interceptions. Two weeks ago in Miami , Drew Coleman picked off Chad Henne in the end zone to salt away the Jets second win in as many weeks. On Monday night, Dwight Lowery may have one-upped Coleman's play by stepping in front of Visanthe Shianicoe and taking a Brett Favre pass 26 yards to the end zone to ostensibly end the game.

2: There is an old saying: Numbers don't lie but liars figure. Antonio Cromartie is proof that numbers, sometime, do lie. Randy Moss caught four balls for 81 yards but, save for a spectacular 37-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter, was unable to shake free of the Jets cornerback.

3: Let's just say Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams won't like watching highlights and film from this game. Late in the fourth quarter, Williams was tied up with a Jets offensive lineman when Shonn Green ran into his back. As Williams turned, Green bounced to the outside and outran Minnesota defenders into the end zone.

4: It will go unnoticed by most but Nick Folk's five field goals gave the Jets the lead and kept them in front during the first three quarters. Without having to worry about coming from behind, the Jets were able to keep running the ball effectively.

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