Santonio Feeling Right At Holmes

Now in his second game with the Jets, Santonio Holmes had another solid showing for New York and talks about his acclimation into the offense and the development of Mark Sanchez.

Santonio Holmes brings championship experience (and a Super Bowl MVP) to a Jets team seeking to capture its first Super Bowl Title since 1969. Holmes was a spectator for the Jets' first four games of the season, serving a suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Now back in the game, Sunday's 24-20 Jets victory saw Holmes making an impact throughout the game – including drawing the crucial fourth quarter pass interference call that set-up the winning touchdown.

"He did grab my facemask and I think I would have came back to the ball and made a play on it and maybe even score," Holmes said. "All of those things happen for a reason. Thankfully, the official was right there to make a great call."

Holmes finished Sunday's game in Denver with four catches for 47 yards. Holmes has been vocal, expressing his eagerness to become a top receiving option for sophomore quarterback Mark Sanchez. He is developing a comfort in the offense, emerging as Sanchez's prime target on third downs.

There are similar opportunities here with the Jets as there was with the Steelers to be the go-to player on third down. Though Sanchez and Holmes had limited practice time together and only two games to develop a comfort level on the field, the wide receiver sees positives from their growing chemistry and relationship. Despite limited repetitions with #6, Santonio praises Sanchez's ability to make good decisions, while maintaining an even temperament.

"Mark Sanchez is growing up, his awareness, his ability to just go have fun for the game. Making big plays with touchdown after touchdown in each game. It's a work in progress," Holmes said. "I'm here along for the ride, to do whatever it is I'm capable of doing, to help this team win ball games."

Holmes is adamant that his timing and rhythm will be in sync with Sanchez and insists the two are building a good chemistry. The bye week couldn't come at a better time for Holmes. In fact, he believes it comes at an ideal time; permitting him to rest and come back next week refreshed and ready to contribute.

"I don't think I could have asked for a bye week any better than what it is right now. It's definitely playing in my favor," Holmes said. "It's given me an opportunity to feel the first two games out and allow my body to go through the bumps and bruises. Now I can prepare myself for 13 more games, or how every many it's takes us to get to our destination."

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