Blogger Talk - Part I: Jets Deserve To Be 5-1

Lauren Benson of GWR sits down with three Jets bloggers to gauge their thoughts on the season so far. This is the first in a three part series to examine the team at the bye week.

Are they the "Same Old Jets"? Off to a 5-1 start that puts them atop the AFC East and the league, the Jets have exceeded some lofty expectations with their start.'s Lauren Benson, who writes the weekly AFC East Notebook, had the chance to pick the mind of three established Jets bloggers to get their point of view on the season so far. She purposefully asked the same questions of all three so as to compare their responses and the unique take on the season so far.

LAUREN BENSON – GREEENANDWHITEREPORT.COM: The Jets have started off very strong this season, what specifically do you attribute to their success? And do you think the publicity via the Hardknocks series was an effective means of boosting player moral and interest in the team?

CHRIS CIPRIANO – JETSGAB BLOG: Well first, you have to start with the play of second year quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has taken huge strides from last season, when he was a liability at times. The biggest change in his play is that he's not turning the ball over. He has only two turnovers through six games, with both coming in last week's game against the Broncos. Compare that number to the 12 he had last year through six games and you see the strides he has taken. He isn't slinging the ball around like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, but he's doing his part in helping the Jets win games. You can't discount the new offensive weapons that have surely aided in the development of Sanchez. The addition of LaDainian Tomlinson has been invaluable, who at 31 years old has been rejuvenated in green and white. He has made Jets fans forget about Thomas Jones and after six games he is a legitimate MVP candidate, which no one saw coming. Throw in the development of Dustin Keller, Braylon Edwards not dropping passes, and the addition of Sanotnio Holmes and the Jets suddenly have a potent offense.

On the defensive side of the ball the defensive line has stepped up in the absence of Kris Jenkins. Mike DeVito, Sione Pouha, and Shaun Ellis don't get enough credit for the great job they're doing. The Jets currently rank 4th in the league in rush defense, allowing opponents to only 90 yards per game. Also, with Darrelle Revis hurting and clearly not 100 percent, Anotnio Cromartie has stepped up. After struggling in the season opener, Cromartie has rebounded and is playing the best football of anyone in the Jets secondary.

Hard Knocks was fun while it lasted, but I really don't think it had any effect on the team, positive or negative. Now that the season has started, you rarely, if ever, here about Hard Knocks. Interest in this team was high in this team even before Hark Knocks, but the show did add another layer to the interest. Rex Ryan's potty mouth caught the attention of the media and all of Ryan's talking put added expectations on the Jets, but so far they have delivered.

BRIAN BASSETT – THE JETS BLOG: I think most of it comes from a pure level of talent. The coaching certainly helps, but looking at the top, there are eight offensive and five defensive starters are former first rounders. That's a level of talent that most teams would love to have. Tannenbaum has done a great job with acquiring some risky talent (like Edwards & Holmes) at bargain basement prices that are becoming key contributors.

As far as Hardknocks, I don't know about that, I'd think that the players would be best able to answer that question. I do think that it raised the profile of a number of players like Danny Woodhead, who has found notoriety & success in New England. Similarly, Chauncey Washington might have gotten picked up by the Rams because of his exposure on the show.

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