Blogger Talk Part II - Jets Are "Legitimate"

Part II of Lauren Benson of GWR who sits down with three Jets bloggers to gauge their thoughts on the season so far. This is the second in a three part series to examine the team at the bye week.

LAUREN BENSON: The Jets are now 4-1 entering their bye with a win in Denver last Sunday that was best described as "ugly." What are your thoughts on that win and on how the team played, and what it means that the team has finished out the first third of the 2010 season 5-1?

CHRIS CIPRIANO – JETSGAB BLOG: They say a win is a win and you take it any way you get it and Sunday was a great example of that. The Jets didn't play their best game of the season, but they did enough to win and made the necessary plays when they needed to. Granted, the pass interference call was lucky, but it was a penalty and it was rightfully called. If you're going to win in this league, you need to be lucky sometimes. Last year, the Saints had their fair of "lucky breaks" and they ended up winning the Super Bowl.

Going into the game against the Broncos, I knew it wasn't going to be easy coming out with a win. Playing in Denver in the increased altitude is never easy and the Jets were coming off an emotional win and had to play on a short week. Add in the fact that the Jets normally stingy run defense allowed Denver 145 yards on the ground, L.T. was contained, and they lost the turnover battle and you would think the Jets would lose that game. However, they overcame all of that and pulled out a victory in the end. Getting that win enhanced their credibility at the team that can contend in January.

Going into the bye at 5-1 has to feel great for the Jets. They played one of, if not the, the toughest stretches of their schedule and they came out with the best record in the NFL. They won all three of their division games and in the one game they lost, it was only by a point.

RUSS LEODE – JETSGABBLOG: The Jets proved to me once again why they are the best team in the NFL through six weeks. We all knew they could talk the talk, now We all know they can walk the walk. They hype is for real. At this moment, there isn't a more impressive team than the Jets. Quality victories, check. Balance on both sides of the ball, check. Now, winning a close game they shouldn't have won on the road, check. They believe, and the confidence around this club is through the roof. The atmosphere is that of a winning atmosphere. Rex Ryan's troops showed me Sunday that they can win a tough game in a hostile environment away from home when they are not at their best; or for that matter, not even playing their "B" or "C" game. Mark Sanchez is growing more and growing more with each game and LaDainian Tomlinson is playing like an MVP. Not only is Tomlinson a big-time help in the run department, but he is also a legitimate threat in the passing game. The defense is relentless as usual and the offensive line has been outstanding.

On Sunday in Denver, the team showed resiliency and made plays when they had to during crunch time. The throw Sanchez made was a head's up play to draw a pass interference on a 4th down with the game on the line. Excellent move for a second-year guy. A savvy "veteran-like decision. Sanchez's development process was the only thing holding this team back, but from what I saw on Sunday, it looks like nothing will hold this team back but themselves.

BRIAN BASSETT – THE JETS BLOG: To me, winning both the game in Denver and the Vikings game is proof to me that this team is a legitimate contender. As Alec Baldwin said in Glengarry Glen Ross "coffee is for closers" and the Jets deserved theirs after their trip to Colorado. When not much goes your team's way, and you still manage to pull out a win, that's impressive. 2-3 plays were the difference in that game in the end, and on a bad day for the Jets, they still were able to keep it together when they needed it most. It's a great sign, but the hope is that they don't now learn to play down to the level of their foes.

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