Pace Is Set

Jets linebacker Calvin Pace had been working hard during the early part of the season to get back from injury but it was his bye week when he took time off that helped him the most.

Florham Park, NJ – Jets linebacker Calvin Pace said that he is ready for action this Sunday following his continued recovery from a preseason ankle injury. Pace, who returned to the team in Week 5, said that he finally feels "back and ready." He utilized the bye week to rest and get his ankle completely healed. There was no planned time of rehab.

"I feel great, I really do," Pace said. "The time off really helped me out, giving me a chance to rest and heal."

Pace said that he separated himself from doing too much weight training and conditioning during the time off. Noting that he "worked out a couple days" during the time off, Pace made sure not to push himself too hard in that regard and just let his body get rested.

"If I didn't have to walk, I didn't," Pace said with a smile. "The whole week has been good for me. No pain, no soreness, no stiffness."

The Jets linebacker did say that he felt hesitation in his first couple weeks back, tip-toeing around the injury and hoping not to aggravate it again. Now though, the injury has healed to the point that Pace doesn't even consider it when stepping on the field.

"Not thinking about it that much," Pace said. "Now it's the point [that] what's done is done."

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