The Leonhard Blog: The Bye Week

Jim Leonhard's blog returns exclusively to for an update on his bye week!

During the bye week I was fortunate enough to head home to Madison, Wisconsin and enjoy some down time with some of my friends and family. I was lucky enough to see my younger brother Tyler's last regular season football game as he's a senior in high school and it's the first time I've gotten to see him play. He's the quarterback and safety, the same positions as I was when I was in high school.

Unfortunately we couldn't get a win but it was good to see him play, I'm expecting good things out of him, he works hard.

I was also fortunate enough to stop by and say hi to all the coaches and players at my alma mater, THE University of Wisconsin in Madison before they left to go to Iowa. There on a terrific streak right now and I gave words of encouragement, but I'm not taking any credit for their win. I like to stay active in the program and obviously I'm a big fan. It was good to get back and see them.

It should be noted that the Badgers beat Shonn Greene's alma mater. Just saying…

I worked out very little this week as I was visiting home most of my time off. The extent of my work out in the bye week was whatever I needed to do to stay healthy and return to the game this week feeling fresh. Right now, I am just making sure I'm 100%.You don't want to sit around and do nothing and feel worse when you get back so you just do little things to make sure your legs are feeling good, that your body's feeling good.

It's easy to leave the training facility in Jersey and then you don't have all the same equipment you're used to and get behind in everything so I had to be a little creative with my work outs.

Well, this Sunday means an awful lot to me and this team. Not going to lie, this is a big game for me. I live in Wisconsin in the off season and there's nothing like having the bragging rights for the rest of the year. Plus, you know, growing up there the majority of my family and friends are Green Bay fans so this one's particularly important for me.

Not just coming off the bye but for bragging rights. Everyone on the team is excited for the game and ready to get back on the field but this one just means a little more to me.

So let's make it a special win. J-E-T-S… you know the rest.

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