Sanchez's Evolution Continues Sunday

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez faces a stiff test on Sunday against Green Bay and their "psycho" defense.

The evolution of quarterback Mark Sanchez has delighted both the Jets' coaching staff and the fan base alike. #6 did not commit a single turnover through the Jets' first five games of the season, exuding poise and confidence beyond his years. During the Jets 24-20 victory over Denver, Sanchez tossed two first half interceptions, snapping the team's turnover-less streak at five games. During the Jets bye week, Sanchez had the opportunity to watch game film, vowing to limit his mistakes and eradicate bad habits.

"[I] was just getting away from some of the fundamentals (like) holding the ball in one hand, getting my feet set," remarked Sanchez. "I was pleased with the way we rallied and won the game, but [there were] ball security issues last game because up to that point, I was doing pretty well. You get right back on track and this is a good week to start."

Despite facing a Green Bay team decimated by injuries, Sanchize understands he will have to make smart decisions with the football. The Jets second-year quarterback praised the Packers defense for their playmaking ability, giving respect and recognition to linebackers A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews, along with cornerback Charles Woodson. #6 understands that the Packers defensive unit is not one to be underestimated.

"It's just a relentless group. Tough players, high-motor guys all the way around highlighted by [A.J.] Hawk and Clay [Matthews]. I know Clay pretty well, just from playing at school," sanchez said. "He's sure making a name for himself in this league."

Green Bay's defense will try to create chaos for Sanchez and the Jets offensive line, showing a variety of defensive fronts. The Jets quarterback will have to be particularly wary of the Packer's "psycho" defense in which they feature Clay Matthews as their lone down lineman. Mark is confident in his offensive line adjusting their blocking assignments, and his receivers making the proper route adjustments, to exploit the Packers aggressive defensive schemes.

"That's one of those things where you just get up and play. You have a feeling after going through it so many times in similar looks from our defense, that you know when they're bringing one too many and you just get the ball out of your hands," Sanchez said. "You can feel it, and then you have a guy like Nick [Mangold] up front. He handles so much and does such a good job. We'll be on the same page. We'll rep it during the week, we'll watch it on film, we'll be ready for it and if it's one of those things where we have to adjust on the fly, we'll be able to do that."

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