The Leonhard Blog: Dominating Games & In-Laws

Jim Leonhard blogs exclusively for and talks about the Jets win over Detroit and breaks down the upcoming game against, he preps for his in-laws to come visit!

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It was a crazy game last Sunday against the Lions. The team struggled the whole time, defensively we couldn't get into a rhythm and obviously offensively we struggled. It was a game spent sitting on the sidelines waiting for the moment to happen. At some point somebody's going make plays and turn it all around; until then you just continue to fight and push and try to make plays.

And eventually, somebody makes the play that turns it all around.

After our win, the guys were excited and the general consensus among the team was that we're too good of a football team to put ourselves in a situation where we have to wait until the last minute. We shouldn't have to come back from behind. We're a team that can jump out early on people and have control of the game from start to finish. That's the focus of the team right now. Taking it to the next level, dominating our opponents. We want to go out there and send a message to the team that we're a force - you've got to show up with everything you've got in order to beat us.

The fate of the team for the second half of the 2010 season has yet to be determined. Championships in this league are staked in November and December by the way you play. So far, we've set ourselves up in a great position as far as the post season but you realize these next eight weeks is where history is written. Goosebump stuff, eh?

We've thought a lot as a team about the commitment and the time that one needs to put in a short amount of time in order for your dreams to come true. The cream rises to the top in these next couple months. We feel like we're a team that should continue to rise.

Going into this next week will be interesting. Looking at Cleveland right now, they beat New England and defending Super Bowl Champions New Orleans in the last two weeks. They're opening eyes with the way that they're beating their opponents. Not necessarily with tricks or fake plays. If you go in there thinking, "This is just one of those ‘gimm'e games" you're kidding yourself.

You see, they're an extremely talented football team and they're going out there and just pounding people. You have to go out there with everything you have or they're going to try to embarrass you.

So, I'm thinking about the Browns, but there's other things on my mind too.

I don't know how my family is going to do Thanksgiving this year. My wife's family is going to come up for the game and I'm trying to convince my family to come out as well but I have a younger brother in high school and they've got him to take care of. Her family is coming out for sure and it should be a nice time. We play on Thursday against the Bengals and then our next game isn't until the Monday of the following week so we as a team are crossing our fingers that we get a big win and a couple extra days off to celebrate the holidays and rest up after that short week.

And yes, I admit that I look forward to seeing my in-laws. I hope the wifey reads this.

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