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Terrell Owens may have renewed some bad blood with Donovan McNabb with this post on his Twitter account, referencing the Redskins quarterback's recently signed contract extension: "How do u justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?" Later a post on Owens account said, "LOL!! I c my brother got all yall riled up w/his question about McNabb's contract! He's entitled 2 his opinion!" Later Owens admitted that he himself wrote the post. "I would like 2 thank all the haters & sum supporters tht hv turned n2 haters! Hilarious! Funny how I cn't say anything about anything!! LOL!" One thing is for sure whether you love him or hate him the drama never stops with TO…and because of that, we all can LOL together. Sigh.

In other Bungles…errr…Bengals news, Chad Ochocinco is engaged to his girlfriend of four months according to TMZ. You wonder how long this will last and if it does what kind of names their kids will get. Maybe like George Foreman, he'll name them all after himself. We can only dream, can't we?

According to CBSSports, Texans explosive running back Arian Foster missed Friday's practice due to personal reasons. He will start however, Sunday versus the Jets, according to a Texans team official. Foster is the league's leading rusher and has topped over 1,200 yards of total offense.

No kidding Coach Sparano. "In the last two games, we had 43 rushes for 127 yards and our runners, never mind the quarterbacks or the reverse play, have 33 carries for 90 yards or something, so that isn't good enough," said Sparano according to CBSSports RaidReports. The Dolphins and there highly touted wildcat package has become the mildcat in recent weeks as teams are stepping up the pressure on the "trickeration."

After playing through numerous pitiful seasons Raiders left guard Robert Gallery has finally experienced a three-straight game winning streak for the first time in his career. "When you win games, the atmosphere changes fast," said Gallery according to CBSSports. "It just helps everything. Games seem to flow better. It's a good feeling, and we need to continue to do it."

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