OchoCinco Jaws About The Jets

Bengals wide receiver Chad OchoCinco sounded off on his frustrations on Tuesday in a conference call with the media before his 2-8 team takes on the New York Jets on Thanksgiving night.

Chad OchoCinco had a Tuesday morning conference call with the New York media where, among other things, the outspoken Cincinnati wide receiver addressed issues surrounding his 2-8 Bengals. Having won the division last year, the Bengals were expected to take the next step forward in what has been a season of major disappointments for the "Bungles."

"Where do I start? It's been nothing like we expected. We haven't put it together well at all. One minute, we're doing well one quarter, the next quarter we're flat. A lot of mistakes, a lot of turnovers," OchoCinco said. "It's always something different each week and we've yet to play a complete game. Every team has turnovers. Every team has penalties, but they're able to overcome them. We're putting ourselves in a situation where we damn near have to play perfect football and you know that's impossible."

On Sunday, the Bengals held a 28-7 lead at halftime, only to squander the advantage in a 49-31 loss to Buffalo – a team who had just one win on the season entering the game. The Jets held a 23-7 lead of their own over the Texans, heading into the fourth quarter, only to fall behind 27-23 with just a minute to go in the game. Mark Sanchez's five-play drive down the field gave the Jets a winning touchdown and New York was hailed as a resilient team with great character and backbone.

The Bengals, after Sunday's devastating loss, were lambasted by the local media. OchoCinco understands why and sees a major difference between the team he plays for and the Jets.

"They blew a lead, but who won the game? That's the difference. The Jets are able to have a mishap, but then still find a way to win at the end," OchoCinco said. "We're having mishaps, but we're not winning at the end because we're not able to overcome adversity and some of the things that we're putting ourselves in. It's our own fault."

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