The Leonhard Blog: "For our fans health"

New York Jets safety Jim Leonhard talks about the "cardiac kids" and their recent three game winning streak and also tackles the issue about if the defense is as good as last year's top-rated unit.

Wow, talk about a crazy few weeks to be a Jets fan. Our quarterback told the media on Sunday after the game that Jets fans don't have many fingernails left, due to all the late-game biting. The players, too, have been taking this amazing ride.

For three quarters, we had the Texans under wraps, and then we made some mistakes and gave up big plays to let them back into the game. That can happen in the NFL if you let off the gas peddle at all.

That being said, we are definitely not in panic mode. We have extremely high expectations for ourselves and get frustrated if we do not play up to our ability. The coaches brought up to our attention that we are statistically, in almost every category, we are ahead of where we were last year after 10 games while putting together eight wins as compared to the four we had last year. Closing out games will be the focus of this defense for the remainder of the season.

And now, we're clearly focused on the Bengals on Thanksgiving.

One thing I've learned in this league is that you can't worry too much about what's happening inside an opponent's locker and meeting rooms. Cincinnati has been struggling, but they are too talented of a football team to overlook. We have been very fortunate to be stacking up wins ourselves and are focused on finishing November on a high note and setting ourselves up for a playoff run in December.

And then, of course, everyone is already talking about next weekend's game up at Foxboro. I can understand why!

New England is playing at an extremely high level right now with wins against Pitt and Indy as examples. We realize that this battle might take place all the way to the end of the regular season. Our focus right now is on beating Cincinnati knowing that we will have a long week to refresh and prepare for NE.

I think the time after the game on Thanksgiving might give us a chance to pause and reflect as a team. As a team we are proud of where we are after the first 10 games. We have placed ourselves in a position that every team would want to be in, leading the league in wins. With the talent and character of the players and coaches on this team, we feel like we have an opportunity to do something special down the stretch.

But maybe we can do something special a little earlier in games and not quite so late!

We would love to lose that nickname of the "cardiac kids." This team has been able to step up in crucial situations and pull out wins, but we would be more than happy to get some blowouts along the way. You never want to let teams "hang around" in the NFL. Every team becomse dangerous if you fail to close the door. For our fans health, we will try our best not the let games come down to the final seconds.

But, it's all part of our master plan. You know, sometimes the middle of the season can get a little monotonous for fans and we just wanted to keep everybody entertained.

Is it working?

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