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<B> Pennington finally watches the Oakland playoff game/Morton no-show

Chad Pennington vowed to wait a while before he watched the tape of the Jets playoff loss at Oakland. Last week, he finally looked at it, and here are his thoughts on the game:

"After watching the tape, it took me two days to get over it again. It's frustrating, It really is. Two things I learned from the Oakland game. One is, just because it's a big game, a hostile atmosphere, you have to stay even keeled as a quarterback. If you get caught it up in the emotion, it's hard to do your job, it really is. At times, I got caught up in the crowd and the emotion. It didn't allow me to play as well as I had been playing. I felt I had been playing well in those environments, but this time I let it get away from me. Secondly, when you think things are going bad, they are not going that bad. I felt walking off the field at half-time like we were down, but you look up at the scoreboard and it's 10-10. The third quarter didn't go that well, but you look up at the scoreboard going into the fourth and it's 17-10. It felt like we were down 14 or 21 points, but we weren't. You have to separate yourself from the emotion of the game and realize, we are still in this, we still have a chance. Don't press harder.
So those are the two things I learned - be emotionally stable and don't get caught up in the environment."

The Jets opened their off-season conditioning program on Monday, and Chad Morton was a no show. His agent, Leigh Steinberg, has questioned the legimacy of the Jets contract offer to his client. He feels they left out a portion of the Redskins offer sheet. This issue will be decided on Thursday by arbitrator in Washington.

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