Jets' Mind Game Must Change

Following the Jets Monday night loss to New England, the team's psyche is bruised but not down. Sports psychologist Dr. John F. Murray explains how the team can move on and how head coach Rex Ryan can put the defeat in context.

Dr. John Murray is a noted sports psychologist and has worked with teams like the Jets who need to re-group after a tough loss, and truth be told, they don't come much tougher than this. Not only did the Jets lose a game that knocked them off the top of the AFC standings, they got drubbed by their biggest and most hated rival. Making matters worse, it was done before the fourth largest viewership in Monday Night Football history.

That's a lot of eyeballs, and a lot of humiliation.

When addressing the team following a loss like this, Murray suggested four things that head coach Rex Ryan can do to right the team's psyche:

1.Point to history. He can show instances in the past where teams who were blown away came back and won the Super Bowl and used that game as the turning point.

2. Don't hammer the players, instead, they should be supportive as a coaching staff.

3. Emphasize that it is just one and not 10 losses in the standings.

4. You learn most when you lose and you learn even more when you lose big. Go back to the chalkboard, find out what happened and teach the corrections.

Ryan has seemed to do that already, with his brief team speech on Wednesday telling the team to "Move on" and then with the ceremonial burying of the game ball from the New England game right before yesterday's practice.

"He might take responsibility himself for the loss rather than blame the players, or he might, like Bill Walsh used to do, put the onus on the assistant coaches," Dr. Murray said. "Thereby making the players feel responsible for righting the ship since the coaches don't play but are being blamed."

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