Jets D Looking To Get Defensive

Following a 45-3 loss on Monday night, the Jets defense is looking to rebound after the loss to the Pats and continue to regroup following the season ending injury to safety Jim Leonhard.

New York's defense absorbed its share of hard knocks last Monday night as a torrid Tom Brady lit up the scoreboard with 45 points, the most points surrendered during Rex Ryan's two year tenure with Gang Green. The Jets took a mammoth slice of humble pie but look to regain the swagger and confidence that propelled them to the AFC Championship Game just last season ago. New York's coaching staff is insistent that last week's defensive performance was an aberration with defensive coordinator Mike Pettine ready to move on to Miami this Sunday.

"The best thing for us is it was a short week," exclaimed Pettine. "When you have as many things go wrong and play as poorly as we did, we played poorly and coached poorly, it's the one good thing about the NFL. Unless it's the last game of the year, there is next week. We're very eager to get it behind us. We're not in the business of sweeping stuff under the carpet. We addressed some issues. You have to walk that fine line of looking back for too long and letting things linger or getting into the issue of literally forgetting what happened and trying to move on without making any corrections."

The absence of Jets safety Jim Leonhard, the team's director of the secondary, was mainly the culprit for the secondary's lack of communication and blown assignments against New England's receiving corps. Pettine admits that Leonhard's loss impacted the team he is is adamant that the Jets have made the proper adjustments this week to sure up any miscommunication issues in the secondary. "The fact that it happened on Thursday and the whole demeanor of the defense, I can't help but look back at it and I think it definitely affected us," noted Pettine. "At the same time, it affected us in the short term. We can't let it affect us in the long term and I think we've done a good job this week. The backend, especially, had a real good day today. The communication is much better. Guys are making plays. They competed very hard the last two days, both at corner and at safety. That's why I'm confident that our performance on the backend will be much better."

With Leonhard lost for the season, the perfect candidate to lead the charge for Jets defense is 14-year pro and former Miami Dolphin, Jason Taylor. The man nicknamed J.T. has seen his role diminish as New York has reserved the former all-pro linebacker exclusively as a third down pass rusher. Ryan and Pettine aim to involve Taylor in more packages and increase his snaps this week against the squad he spent twelve seasons with.

"I think Miami week is a big week for him," commented Pettine. "I know he's amped up and ready to go. We saw him originally as just a rotational guy on first and second down and more of a pass rush guy. His snaps haven't been that high as of late. I feel like we can add a little more to it."

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