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The Patriots were caught cheating again. Well not really, but there second leading tackler in Monday's game against the Jets, Brandon Spikes was. Spikes is fourth in tackles this season for the Patriots and now with a four game suspension for performance enhancing drugs he will miss the Patriots next four games which include contests at Chicago, versus Green Bay, at Buffalo, and versus Miami. On Monday night, Spike had a third quarter interception on Mark Sanchez that ended the Jets longest drive of the game and squashed any hopes for a comeback.

According to Friday's NY Post former Jets employee Jenn Sterger will not pursue league action if the NFL suspends Brett Favre and sets forth a league-wide anti-harassment program. "If the commissioner suspends Favre and puts a league-wide program in place to keep this from happening again, Jenn will not pursue litigation against the NFL, Favre or the Jets," her manager Phil Reese told the paper. It's a big story for the Post, who were able to run it on both Page Six and the back of the sports page. Ahhh, we made a funny…

Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron took the blame for Sunday night's game changing play in which Troy Polamalu came in unscathed and stripped the ball away from Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco. "You're looking at the guy responsible," Cameron said as reported by the Baltimore Sun. "There was a flaw in that protection. We don't have a protection where Polamalu comes unblocked. There are some cases where guys can be unblocked – (but) not him." Cameron continued with the mea culpa. "There was a flaw there that I did not catch for some reason. In 25-plus years, I have never seen that happen, and it showed up at the worst possible time it could have, and it's my job to catch that flaw. That flaw has been corrected," Cameron said. "Next time you see a guy unblocked in that protection, it'll be where the quarterback's expecting it to be unblocked." The Ravens lost the close one to their divisional rival the Steelers, with the road team in both instances winning the games in this year's series.

Since being picked up by the Titans, Randy Moss has only amassed five catches for 62 yards with no touchdowns. The Titans have lost six straight and among that has been Moss's first five games with the team. The Patriots meanwhile have won nine of their last ten. We're guessing, somehow, that it is still Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's fault, right?

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