One Final Take On Alosi

One final look at Alosi's actions on Sunday night, with an eye towards the humorous.

The Sal Alosi tripping incident has made headlines for the Jets…for all the wrong reasons. Some thoughts on the brouhaha:

1. See You Next Fall – To blame Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi for the incident seems unfair as Alosi was merely standing on the sideline, demonstrating dynamic stretching to the players when Nolan Carroll fell over his leg. Whew, that was cleared up.

2. Just Like "The Situation" – It is hard to blame Alosi for this, since it is basically like saying that "he's too big." I mean, a strength and conditioning coach is supposed to be jacked, right? So is it his fault that Carroll can't help but miss his massive shins? Take a page from our favorite guido, Mike "The Situation" from the Jersey and realize that Alosi got run into, not the other way around.

3. Player Protect – In the wake of Braylon Edwards' DUI in September, the Jets reminded the players that they employ Player Protect, an organization whose purpose is to provide safety for the players with rides to and from social engagements where they might have gotten a bit too tippsy. Security services are provided also. Rumor has it that the Jets have enhanced their contract with Player Protect to include sideline services.

4. Blame Rex – With yet another incident circulating about how poorly the Jets act on and off the field, we blame head coach Rex Ryan for this altest incident. But not for running a loose ship, no no. See, if Rex hadn't lost all that weight this spring and summer, then Carroll running full speed would have been absorbed by Rex's girth and would never have gotten as far as Alosi. See, we were never sold on that cookie diet to begin with. Talk about a South Beach Diet…

5. The Punishment – It is easy to think that Alosi might get fired, but unless the NFL pressures the Jets, it doesn't seem likely that the long-time coach won't get the axe. We were thinking that perhaps a dunk tank would splash some sense into Alosi and given the chilly December we're having in the New York area, might be sadistic enough to satisfy those wringing their hands over the incident. Then we realized that if Mark Sanchez was tossing a ball at the target, Alosi might never get wet.

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