Thursday Notebook

Kentucky DT Dewayne Robertson would make a perfect fit for the Jets at 13. However, it looks like the Jets will not have a chance to pick him there.

His stock is rising. So much so, that a number of teams now have him rated higher than Penn State's Jimmy Kennedy. If the Jets want Robertson, they would have to trade up to get him.
If the Jets stay put, a DT who should be around for them at 13 is Georgia's John Sullivan. Another possibility at 13 is Oklahoma State's Kevin Williams, who can play end or tackle.
Expect the Jets to work the phones on draft day. They are open to trades that could move them up or down . . .

The Jets will look to pick a speed linebacker in the first or second round. They need to improve the pass coverage at linebacker. It was a liability last year. Another reason they need to go linebacker shopping in this draft is the physical condition of Mo Lewis, who recently had hip surgery. He will not be able to start running until June or July. This is not a good scenario for an older player. When players get older, they need to run and workout more in the off-season to keep up with the younger players. Lewis' lack of running spring could hurt him. With his shaky speed, he needs all the running he can get.
There is still a chance Lewis could be a June 1 cap casualty.

"I think he's going to be here, I don't think he's going to be a casualty at all," said Herman Edwards. "Things change."
Notice he protected himself by saying, "things change." Chances are the Jets will keep Lewis, but you never know.
Either way, they need to add a fast, athletic linebacker early in the draft. If the Jets fail to pick a linebacker in the first round, Oregon State's Nick Barnett would be a good second round pick for them: he's a 6-2, 236 pounder with runs under 4.7 . . .

It is clear Chad Morton does not want to play for the Jets. His arbitration hearing is in Washington Thursday. Richard Bloch will make the ruling. Morton says the Jets left out of part of the offer sheet pertaining to voidable years. Since they did that, he feels he should be the property of the Redskins. Morton does not believe that Jets can give him the type of offensive playing time the Redskins can, and that is why he wants to play in Washington. You get the sense that Edwards is getting a little tired of this soap opera.
"I would think if he wants to be part of the program and he wants to get to the ball, he needs to here," said Edwards . . .

Curtis Martin is still receiving treatment of both his ankles. He suffered severe sprains last year. Expect Lamont Jordon to get more of a workload this year. Martin turned down media interview requests this week. He clearly did not want to talk about his ankles and it has to have him concerned. The Jets expect him to be okay by training camp, but you never know . . .

The Jets offensive staff is working on more plays that involve two tight ends. They want to get Chris Baker on the field more. They love the potential of this kid.

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