Woody Stands By His Man

Jets owner Woody Johnson addressed the media on Thursday afternoon concerning the Rex Ryan home video and the recent tripping incident involving Sal Alosi.

Florham Park, NJ – Jets owner Woody Johnson stood by his man on Thursday afternoon, just a day after his head coach addressed a recently leaked salacious home video.

On Tuesday night, internet website Deadspin released a home video in which a woman looking and sounding like Michelle Ryan, the wife of Jets head coach Rex Ryan, posed and postured her feet for several minutes. Repeatedly throughout the foot fetish video, a fully clothed but barefoot Michelle answers questions from a man off camera who never shows his face but is the assumed voice of her husband. On Wednesday, the Jets head coach tip-toed around the topic, calling it a "personal matter."

Repeatedly on Wednesday, Johnson voiced his support for Ryan and the team, refusing to take sides on the issue and bowing to his head coach's wish that this would remain a personal matter. He also bristled when asked if yet another Jets controversy was systemic of what many detractors are citing as a "loosey goosey" culture on Jets Drive.

"I don't think its loosey goosey," Johnson told the media. "I don't think there's a lack of discipline."

While nothing noteworthy came from Johnson's expected comments on the situation or his confidence in the coach of his team, the Jets owner does see a focused team ahead of Sunday's game in Chicago. With a win, the Jets would clinch wild card playoff berth.

"The team is very focused," Johnson said. "Perhaps even more focused."

Quick Hit:

On the Sal Alosi scandal, Johnson would only comment "We haven't made a decision yet." He said there is no timetable on the discussion for possible further action. The strength coach was suspended last week for tripping a player during the loss to Miami.

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