Four Downs: The Chicago Loss

The Bears dominated the second half, pulling out the big plays for a 38-34 win over the Jets.

1: A Wild Third:

The Jets entered the third quarter with a touchdown lead. They ended trailing by seven, as a game that they had control of morphed into something out of arena football. Jay Cutler threw three touchdowns on successive drives to give the Bears a 38-31 lead. The drives totaled nine plays and 3:55 seconds.

2: No Pressure:

Among the myriad reasons for Cutler's success was that the offensive line did not force him to run for his life. As a result, he was able to play catch with his big-play wide receivers. The Jets secondary—especially Antonio Cromartie—could not cover Johnny Knox and Devin Hester.

3: It's His Forte:

Did we forget to mention that Matt Forte was the first player to run for 100 or more yards against the Jets since Maurice-Jones Drew last November? That's what happens when a defensive line is unable to impose its will against a questionable—at best—offensive line.

4: No Happy Ending:

The task facing Mark Sanchez was fairly straightforward. The Jets trailed by four with 63 seconds remaining. All he had to do was win the game. Instead, on his first attempt of the drive, Chris Harris jumped in front of Santonio Holmes, grabbed the ball and ran out of bounds to end the game.

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