Jets Notes; Morton speaks

On Wednesday, Chad Morton finally commented on Richard Bloch's bizarre decision awarding him to the Redskins. He, like most people in the NFL, was caught off guard by Bloch's announcement on Monday.

"I was very surprised by the ruling," Morton told MSG Network. "I was expecting to go to New York and I already had plans on going there."

When Morton heard the decision, he was ecstatic. It was exactly what he wanted to hear. The running back didn't want to go back to the Jets because he feels he will play more in Washington.

"It was a great surprise," Morton said. "My agent called me on the phone and left a message and said you're going to Washington. I was very happy. I was so excited. It's been a great day."

Unlike Lavernues Coles, who blasted the Jets in a classless display upon his departure to Washington, Morton took the high road.

"It's no disrespect to the Jets at all because I love playing for the team," Morton said. "It's a great coaching staff and players, but this is just a better fit for me here and I am getting a better opportunity here. Just the chance to play running back again like I did in New Orleans, it is better for me."

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