Bradway wouldn't change a thing

Terry Bradway says if he were to do it all over again, he would not do anything different. He is not second-guessing the handling of the Chad Morton affair that landed the Jets talented kick returner in a Washington Redskins uniform.

"In my mind, we did everything we had to do," said Bradway. "That we didn't get the player [Morton], we had no control over that."
They did did everything we had to do? Had no control? You do not need to be F. Lee Bailey to realize that once arbitrator Richard Bloch admitted he was a Redskins season ticket holder, he should have been removed from the case.
The Jets legal team was asleep at the wheel.
The Jets allowed their lawyer, Neil Roman, also a Washington D.C. resident, to convince them that Bloch's allegiance to the Redskins would not get in the way.
According to Dick Berthelsen, a lawyer for the player''s union, one of the Jets lawyers actually asked Bloch for tickets.
"If they're good seats and you don't use them, let me know and I'll use them," said a Jets lawyer.
You have got to be kidding us!
It's true the Jets were led astray by the NFL Management Council, an organization that recommended they leave out the voidable aspect of Morton's contract, but they have to make their own bed.
The Jets representatives in this case should never handle any legal affairs for the team ever again.
And the other disturbing part of this ordeal is that the Jets took verbal upper cuts from the likes of Daniel Snyder and Berthelsen, and refuse to respond.
"I'd like to see how the Jets are going to spin this one," said Snyder.
"My 13 year old son can read the Collective Bargaining Agreement and tell you how to make an effective match," said Berthelsen. "The Jets didn't do that.. Do we have to change the CBA? No we have to change the Jets. We have to make them pay attention."
Fight back guys.
As far as all the criticism the Jets have received in the aftermath of the Morton affair, Bradway thinks there has been a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking.
"I have no problem with what we did," Bradway said. "Hindsight is 20-20."
This is not a case of 20-20 hindsight: not at all. Once Bloch announced his allegiance to the Redskins the Jets should have had the foresight to remove him from the case.

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