For Ryan Out Loud! offers fans of the New York Jets a chance to win one of Rex's new books - sent directly to you!

Rex Ryan's new book, Play Like You Mean It, is set to hit bookstore shelves on May 3, 2011. And while the Doubleday hardcover promises to be a fast-moving seller, is offering a contest for Jets fans to win a copy of the book, mailed directly to you by the fine folks at EMG Promotions. No charge, no hassle – just a bit of creativity needed.

Rex Ryan is known for his exuberance . . . and Play Like You Mean It explores every aspect of Ryan's amazing passion for the game of football, plus the lessons he has learned in leadership and motivation during his years in and around the game. In his own words, Ryan takes readers behind the scenes of the NFL as he shares colorful football stories from his experiences with the Jets and the Ravens as well as his years recruiting players, coaching college foot­ball, and growing up as a child of legendary NFL coach Buddy Ryan. Rex's unique brand of enthusiasm and motiva­tion comes through on every page.

So with such a promising foray into writing for his debut book, we can't help but think that Rex's sequel could be just as juicy. After all, the book is frustrating former Jets players and creating some buzz. So what would volume two do? is asking for you to come up with a new title and the first paragraph of Rex's second book (must be three sentences, no more, no less) and email the submission to (the site publisher). Your first name and last initial (to protect privacy) plus your hometown will run in the story featuring the five winners. For instance:

Richard S (New York, NY) – Rex is Now Fit and Fabulous: How I Lost 150 Pounds to Get Better Abs than Gisele

"It was the summer of 2011, the lockout season, and I was sitting on my sofa eating a pint of Breyers. On the NFL Network came some footage of who I thought was Justin Bieber with a model; turned out to be Tom Brady. It was at that moment that I decided to turn my Homer Simpson body into a home run."

All submissions must be emailed no later than May 2, 2011 by 12 p.m. EST. Winners will be judged on overall creativity and flair. Foul and abusive language will not be permitted in a winning entry. Any questions, please email me.

Thanks and happy thinking!

More about Play Like You Mean It:

Most of all, fans will get insider access to Ryan's headline-grabbing, brutally honest, and undeniably entertaining views on the NFL . . . and the very human side of the larger-than-life athletes who devote their lives to the game of foot­ball. From Ryan's acceptance of the Jets head coaching job to his success in turning around a team that has long been number two in New York, from his drafting and believing in Mark Sanchez to kicking off the 2010 season with massive expectations (and a target on his back)—this book goes deep, and entertains on every level.

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